Short Version

 It’s pretty simple. I like to write, and I like words. This blog is about my wonderful world, wrapped up in a word.

Longer Version

I’m an avid writer and have been for years. Ever since the beginning of gel pens, I would keep a journal of my life. Graduating with a Communications degree, I fell in love with the core of communication–our voices. I love following blogs, reading insights and opening my mind to the world around me.

With hundreds of mommy bloggers, bow makers, and shoe designers, it’s hard to find the right niche to attract an audience. When I was trying to decide years ago if blogging was for me or who would care to read it, I remembered those journals from my childhood. Sometimes blogging isn’t for readers, followers, or sponsors…it’s for you.

When you have a blog–when you write–you see the world through different eyes.

So here I am.

Writing from Texas about my every day stories, thoughts and feelings…one word at a time. Hope you enjoy!


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