Twin Mama 2017

I met a lady at the library that is pregnant with twins. Twin boys.

It instantly took me back… reliving all those fears, worries and unknowns.

I have another friend who is due any day now with her twins. After almost 10 years, she reached out to me for advice.


Because we are twin mamas. It is seriously so humbling to associate with these ladies. I hope I can do them proud. I wanted to write everything down in one place, so next time I meet someone, I can just refer them to this article.

I remember about this time last year when I found out I was expecting twins. I was in over my head. Looking back on this past year is such a blur!! 2017 was seriously epic!!


I remember feeling larger than normal. I remember wanting to wait to tell people so the pregnancy could go faster. I remember calculating my due date and realizing I’d have my baby in August. I was a little nervous about the Texas summer heat. I remember wanting to exercise and be healthy this pregnancy, since I am getting older. I remember having friends over and debating what to wear so they wouldn’t notice my already poppin belly!


  • It’s ok if you’re showing very soon
  • Invest in a pregnancy belt
  • Take your vitamins!
  • Take progress pictures… you’ll be happy you did!


Is when we found out that we are having twins. TWINS. Nothing can prepare you for the news. In fact, Michael was glad he was there for the ultrasound. We weren’t just confirming the pregnancy, we were in for the shock of our lives. I remember feeling a little guilty. I was worried. I didn’t necessarily want twins. I remember feeling selfish about my body and what would be ahead. I thought, not only am I going to have a baby in the late summer, now I’m going to be carrying TWO babies. Gone were my ideas of exercising and staying fit through the pregnancy. I remember praying and asking for strength. I felt God’s love surround me. He witnessed to me that I could do it. I’ll never forget it. He blessed me with perspective and strength. There was still anxiety… especially because I could have 5 girls… but I knew that it was part of His plan for me and my family. There was a purpose, and I truly believe it was so I could rely on Him. I could endure the hardest things I’ve ever done…because I trusted in Him.



I was well on my way feeling uncomfortable. We found out we were having boys, and I remember that as one of the happiest days of my life. I was just so excited. It was the first time the fear faded away, and I could just be excited about having twins. You see, there is a lot of anticipation with one baby, but I feel like there is a lot less fear. With the news of twins, I just felt so much fear. That’s why I wanted to reach out to others. To clear up misconceptions, to prepare my mind, and figure out what it’d really be like. I remember feeling a lot of pelvic pain, as my babies were growing and still sitting in my pelvis. It wasn’t until it lifted around 20 weeks that I felt a little better. I was so surprised… I felt around the late teen weeks, I just popped out there. It was clear I was expecting, and people started asking me about it. For my birthday, I took a trip with Michael. It was heavenly! It was just what we needed to get us through the long months ahead. I started potty training my toddler, because I knew I may not have the energy later on.


  • Take a trip
  • Buy some new outfits
  • Get excited about the genders!
  • Get a rocker/recliner for you to sleep. I wish I had one. I just bought a body pillow at Walmart.


I spent a lot of time preparing for the babies to come. I felt like I needed to visualize them here. I wanted to get everything ready by 28 weeks, and their nursery was coming together. We went to IKEA, I rearranged my girls’ beds so we could all fit, and I had two cribs crammed into a tiny room. I messaged people, picked up second-hand items and it was becoming more real. I also remember conversations with other twin moms. They were all just so encouraging. They told me, “You can totally do it.” It meant a lot coming from them. Whether it was nursing, schedules or sleeping… they helped answer my questions and helped me gain confidence. They told me to keep them on the same schedule, that nursing is totally possible, and that it’s actually fun to have twins! It were those little conversations that gave me courage. I mean, every stranger would be like. “Twins?! Ah, how are you going to do it. Whoa, you got your hands full, etc. etc.” It starts to eat at you a little bit. But when you meet another twin mom, her encouragement is so nice!


  • Get nesting done by 28 weeks
  • Don’t overdue it


In May I had a wonderful baby shower with family and friends. I was so spoiled! I was certainly grateful for the chance to feel special. I got a new dress from China, and it made me feel pretty. It seemed a little silly to be having it when I wasn’t too far along, but I was so grateful I did. I had zero energy as I went along. This was my last month of feeling like I could function. It was the last month of my kids in school and getting them out the door. Soccer was ending, and I was getting SO big.


  • Invest in your favorite baby products.  Obviously clothes, diapers and wipes. But here are some extra’s:
    • Twin nursing pillow – a must if you want to breastfeed twins.
    • Lansinoh mOmma Breastmilk Feeding Bottle – save yourself the hassle of trying millions of bottles. If you primarily breastfeed your baby, you need this bottle. I’ve heard from tons of moms… “This is the ONLY bottle my baby will take.” And it’s true.
    • Snap n go stroller – a must for the first year. Try to find second hand.
    • Rock in play – I use these every day. I liked to have them in these so they can learn to self-sooth and fall asleep on their own. They sometimes nap in them. I trade off between these and their cribs. I love that I can drag it into another room, if company comes over or if I need to move a twin when the other wakes up crying.
    • Storage caddy for diapers – I have this in the nursery, but I love that I can take it anywhere. I restock this every few days with more diapers. I can change the boys anywhere, and it’s easy for others to go grab for you. I also liked the small pockets for creams, ointments and other stuff you need.
    • Nursing/car seat covers – I love these things. So practical. I bring them everywhere I go, because twins get a lot of attention. If you have a cover on them, it’s a nice way to say, don’t touch my babies. I also love the fabric. It’s stretchy and perfect for nursing.
    • Dual monitor – There are lots of options, but this is the one I settled on. It’s great.
    • Bibs – I use these everyday for the twins. Easy to clean.
    • Pacifier clips – I hate looking for pacifiers. These are great.
    • Portable high chairs – I haven’t used these much yet, but I assume I will. Dinners with friends, at the pool, etc. A good way to contain babies… with food!
    • Shusher – I got this as a gift. I know there are a lot of sound machines out there, but I love this one. The simplicity and portability speak to me! You just twist and SH! It’s awesome. It can go in the car, in the bed, in the rocker… wherever! It helps to calm them. I had never done white noise machines, but this one works for us!
    • Diaper disposal – Get one of these for your bags. When you change diapers, just stick them in a grocery sack to take outside. Lots of diapers…
    • Water bottle – Let’s get real. When you’re pregnant they tell you to drink a lot of water. This thing saved my life. I ordered 3. They’re always in my fridge and they helped me drink so much water when I was pregnant and breastfeeding. When I would google a symptom when pregnant, it would usually come down to… drink water! So I was determined to drink a TON!
    • Pump stuff – I got the Spectra 2 through my insurance. It’s a good pump. At the hospital they had Medela, and that thing was a MACHINE. The one that wheels around. I pumped as much as I could at the hospital to get my supply up and because I was stuck there for 16 days. I came home with dozens of these containers. I still have milk in my freezer! I also configured my Spectra pump so I could use the Medela flanges. I liked the way they fit better. All it took was this little converter.
    • Double stroller – Pick the kind you like. This helped me.
    • Dwell and slumber dress – I got this dress as a gift, and it was so great! Perfect for the hospital, nursing, the first weeks at home, etc. It was nice to have something so comfy to put on!


This month I felt like I was just on the countdown. Every day someone would ask when I’m due. I didn’t tell them I still was only 20 something weeks… maybe 30. It was a little humbling. I would just say, “Yep, any day now.” And I rarely felt like telling everyone it was twins, because it would double the conversation time. I made a calendar printable so I could check off each day I was pregnant, and so I could visualize the finish line. I would lather my growing stomach with oils and lotions and rest my feet a lot. I bought a lot of dresses to wear as shirts, it was my saving grace. I also invested in some better make up. I wanted to get excited to get ready every day, and have something that helped me feel pretty. We also took a small family trip as a last hu-rah! We tried to spend 1-1 time with each child, as we knew that they would need some attention after the babies came. we spent a ton of time in the pool… I could feel myself getting heavier and heavier. The kids loved it.


  • Lots of water, and lots of tums
  • Treat yourself – pedicures, new makeup, girl’s night, etc.
  • Swim, baths every night



I literally couldn’t stand for longer than a minute. I couldn’t sleep. I was living at the doctor’s office, and I had to go to the bathroom all the time. I told others, it feels like the last week of pregnancy, but it lasts a month or more!! But finally, the doctor said at 36 weeks, they were ready to come. I was thrilled. I had been going to the doctor 3x every week for the month of July. I was exhausted. We had made it to our goal, and I was finally ready to just meet them! Sure, there were lots of unknowns, but after seeing them so many times on the sonograms, I couldn’t wait to see their little faces!! July 20th they came and life will never be the same!!


  • Take lots of pictures of them at the hospital
  • Ask lots of questions
  • Remember that you’re the mom!
  • Don’t forget the “congratulations” and feeling of excitement even if you have a NICU experience
  • YOU DID IT!!

Birth story here. 

NICU experience here. 


We were finally home! It was so nice to be back, but life was a blur. We tried to have it still feel like summer, but there were only a couple weeks left. Luckily, we had some family time together, before the kids were back in school. I’m glad we did a couple fun things and got out of the house. It was so nice to have a few weeks with the kids, and then they were off to school. This gave me time to adjust to the babies, and it really did work out perfectly. All that worry about an August baby! haha.


  • Try to get out – our first outings were quick and easy like the splash pad
  • Find other mom friends!
  • Find ways to have fun at home
  • Sleep whenever you can!



September was a blur. New routines, no sleep and soccer practice three nights a week and every Saturday. I pretty much wanted to die. 😉 I think it was hard for me because the babies didn’t even smile… so I felt like I was invisible in a sense. They were great eaters and stuff, but still… first month or two was hard. We had a lot of family in town to visit, and it was so fun to show them off!

Surviving at two months here.


  • Don’t try on any of your old clothes… remember those shirt dresses;-)
  • Be patient with yourself. You don’t sleep!!


Coming out of the fog and feeling more like myself again. The weather cooled off and it was good for the soul. Lots of fun events with Halloween and the girls, so it kept us moving along! We finally got some smiles and some personality coming through too!! Soccer was still going strong, but we felt more in control. I also started to get together with girl friends that also had newborns, so that gave me something to look forward to!


  • Find other new moms
  • Get out when you can!
  • Find things to look forward to


Lots of be thankful for. When we went around the table, I was most thankful I could endure all that I did!! It was pretty remarkable! I didn’t do it alone. My mom, my MIL, my friends, my sisters, and other twin mamas!! Hilde had left the country, and we were missing Nana big time! My sister came to visit, and we were in more of a groove with the babies. Nursing less often and three good naps. Soccer was ending, and we had lots more family time! Plus, the weather was cooling off, and that always makes me feel refreshed!


  • You’re doing it!!
  • Keep up with the bottle training so you can get a break
  • Embrace your new life!



With the boys reaching 5 months, I couldn’t believe how fast it’s gone by. I think it put it in perspective around Christmas time when I looked back on the year. My boys were cute, smiley little guys! I wanted to hold them more often, to rock them and to calm them. I realized it’s going by soo fast! What happened?! I am so grateful to look back on this journey.


  • Hang on…it goes fast!


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