This fall was sort of a blur.
I remember telling people, once it’s Halloween the year is basically over. Those weeks fly by, and I try my best to stay on top of everything.


This Halloween was a lot of fun. We did our full costumes for a party, and the girls got really into it. It was our first year doing facepaint… and I realized quickly that it’s much harder than people make it look. We enjoyed carving pumpkins and doing pumpkin things… and the night of Halloween was so stormy and cold!


Our big trip as a family this year was to the Latern Fest. We’d been looking forward to it all year, and I’m so glad we brought the whole crew. It was so magical to look up to a sky full of lanterns. It’s something I’ll never forget.


Every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas the kids are asked to participate in a school-wide reading challenge. Nora was the top reader in her class this year. Carmen is building her confidence reading chapter books. I love the excuse to read, read, read… plus it may be a little bit of my competitive nature coming out!


This year my sister and her family came out to visit. We felt so spoiled! Most of all, we were able to meet their baby… He’s a day older than the twins, so it was a blast! He’s the cutest and super smiley! We filled the time with good food, lots of chatting, Turkeybowl and some fishing outdoors.

The Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. I feel so refreshed, and it’s the best time to be outside in Texas. It’s good for the soul. I love that everything seems to be “glowing” with a golden hue this time of year. Special memories, special people and special moments I want to hold on to for forever!



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