Life can seem like an endless rat race, until there is a chance to pause.

I’ve felt that sense of “pause” when I go on a vacation or whenever there is a significant life event.

The birth of our two sons has been one of those defining moments of my life.

I will look back on this time, and it’ll be a new reference point moving forward.

I’m so excited to share the story of their birth, to celebrate now and reflect on later.

I had been attending endless doctor appointments to ensure the health of my baby boys. They would do weekly sonograms, twice-weekly stress tests and weekly doctor appointments.

Everything checked out great— my heart rate, my energy, no contracts, no preeclampsia, no GD, no complications whatsoever.

I had a countdown chart and circled Aug 1 as my target date. Full term for twins is considered 36 weeks, and they rarely let moms go too far over that due to heightened risks. August 1st was 38 weeks, so I had set my goal a ways out to prepare myself mentally.

However, as the sonograms continued, it became clear there was a real discrepancy between the size of Baby A and the size of Baby B. This size was consistent from the very beginning. Baby B was’t behind, per se, it was just that Baby A was so crazy big. My doctor had kept an eye on it, and I saw a MFM just in case.

The cord flow was great, placentas were fine, and growth was going in the right direction.

However, at 36 weeks we had a sonogram and my dr felt like it was a good idea to take the babies the next morning. I had mixed emotions. So excited to finally get to meet our boys, but terrified about caring for two. I had prepared myself as best as I could, but you can’t plan everything.

The c- section went great. Both babies were breech, so it was the safest option. It was go time!

There was a little bit of trouble getting my spinal anesthesia to go in, and they had to try 3 times. They said it was because my ligaments were so tight and I was “in shape.” I think carrying 60 extra pounds is what caused my ligaments to be a little tight, if you ask me.

I held onto the pillow as I tried to bend over in the fetal position, praying that they would be able to get the needle in the proper place. It was extremely painful, but at last, they succeeded.

It was a little daunting in the OR — there were probably 30 or more people there. Two full NICU teams, with nurses, doctors and nurse practitioners. Two surgeons, my anesthesiologists and who knows who else.

Because of this crowd, I invited my sister-in-law to take photographs. It was an exception made, but I’m glad they allowed it. I wanted to document this special birth, and I love the images she captured.

When Michael came in after my anesthesia, I had tears going down my face.

I think it was a mix of fear, anticipation and relief that he was finally by my side. He is my rock, and having someone you love hold your hand when you need it the most, is the most comforting feeling.

He was excited, and I was ready!

My doctor delivered Baby A first, and I instantly felt a huge weight leave my body. It was incredible. He held the baby up for me to see, and everyone was commenting just how large he was. Then two minutes later came Baby B. Much smaller, but with a fierce cry and he peeked over the curtain as well.

The NICU team worked quickly and found Baby A to need some help with oxygen. They assumed he aspirated the fluid on his way out, and was causing some difficultly using his new lungs.

They posed together for one instant, before they were separated…

They were no longer Baby A and Baby B anymore… they were now Weston and Wade.

They had arrived, and I was so happy!

I can’t tell you what it’s like to endure something like giving birth to twins. It is by far the hardest thing I’ve done both physically and mentally. I was so proud of myself… I did it!

I celebrated how far I came, and how I was able to endure the aches, pains, weird stranger comments and complete exhaustion for as long as I did.

Their birth is a moment I will look back on and think, wow… I did that.

My sweet boys are here, and I am so full of joy.


Weston Michael

19.5 inches, 7 lbs. 15 oz.

Wade Corbett

19 inches, 5 lbs. 4 oz.


So many proud and helpful visitors…

Welcome to the world, sweet boys.
Our lives will never be the same. Can’t wait to look back on this defining moment and smile.


2 responses to “Birth

  1. So darling! Way to go Mom! Love you and miss you! I would love to squeeze those boys! And those girls! I can’t believe how big they have gotten!
    Leah McHorse

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