Pregnant with Twins

This is a special time of my life. I’m carrying two babies, and I feel extremely blessed.

It’s the topic of every conversation, and I’m almost there.

For those of you wondering what it’s like to be pregnant with twins, here is a brief overview:


  • With the news came a lot of anxiety, insecurities and “can I really do this?”
  • It feels like I am a first time mom again with all new questions and worries
  • I spent a lot of time reading forums of other twin moms who had been there, and never felt so understood
  • The growth happens SO rapidly- I remember being 10-12 weeks and feeling like I needed to announce to friends and family since my bump was growing so fast
  • I could feel both babies move at a very early stage
  • In the first trimester, I had really bad pelvic floor pain – my dr said this is because my uterus was expanding, but it was still sitting in my pelvis. It felt so much better when it finally lifted
  • The gender reveal was the best day of my life and made it feel way more real – couldn’t believe we’re having two BOYS!
  • Was nice to divert some of the “you’re getting so big” attention with the “yay for boys” attention
  • Spent some time reading up on mommy blogs about items for twins – purchased a majority of my items or registered when I was in the early 20 week mark
  • I read that maternity clothes stop fitting around week 28, and for the most part, that held true – it takes major creativity when getting dressed each day
  • Biggest help was that I bought a bunch of dresses to wear as shirts – since they fit in the shoulders but would also cover my belly. Hoping I can wear them after the babies, too!
  • Really excited to have boys come to our family – was fun to hear the girls talk about them, pray for them, and play with their boy baby dolls to practice
  • Planned my baby shower, zoo trip, birthday getaway all when I was early second trimester – SO glad I did
  • I made a countdown chart for each day of the pregnancy so I could cross it off as I took my prenatal and celebrated another day
  • Was excited to see the weeks progress, and I celebrated when I hit the major milestones like 26 weeks (survive outside the womb), etc.
  • Started routine ultrasounds to track growth and development – was fun to start to see their “personalities” come out and see how some things remained consistent. Was also nice to figure out their positioning, so I could know which body part was kicking me and who!
  • Comments from strangers began to roll in. As Carmen finished school, and I would run around town with 3 girls, most would say, “So is it a boy this time?” and I’d reply “Yep!” and keep going… Carmen would get disappointed saying, “But mom,  you didn’t tell them you’re having TWO boys!!” Sometimes I wasn’t in the mood for small talk with strangers
  • Strangers seriously love twins – people’s eyes would light up, people have a million questions, no shame – a random guy and his family rolled down a window to ask me about my pregnancy as I was walking into a store. I’m constantly amazed what I hear!
  • People are so generous and willing to help – I have a hard time thinking of service opportunities for everyone. People are so caring!
  • It started to feel real when we put the nursery together and set up the TWO cribs. It took some brain power and a trip to IKEA, but we made it work with FIVE kids in our house
  • Twin moms are super generous, and donated a lot of items and clothes
  • As my body grew, I would be more and more amazed how large I could get. I would always tell people, “Yep, getting bigger.” Afton had a piece of pizza once and said, “It’s big like you’re tummy, momma!” I guess she had heard me talking about getting BIG a little too much.
  • I had some allergic reaction  on my legs, and tried lots of creams, lotions and soaps to take care of my stretching, sensitive skin
  • I could always feel the baby on top (Baby B) move around more than the baby on the bottom (Baby A) near my pelvis
  • Bath time is the best time – I wasn’t a huge bather before, but it seemed to be the only thing to relax my body and legs before trying to fall asleep
  • I always dreaded going to bed – bought a body pillow, but aligning my legs, hips, etc. is not easy to do. Tried the couch, kids bed, sectional, etc.
  • The end of school came at the perfect time – no more running kids around, no more soccer practice and I could take my time in the mornings
  • Made a calendar on poster board for the kids, so they could have “themed weeks” and things to look forward to when we had nothing to do that day
  • Michael would come home and be so surprised that the bed was turned down. I’ve never sat down during the day, watched shows or anything, so this taking it easy really was new for me
  • My mother-in-law would help me clean my house and iron my clothes, which was the best! Coming home to a house that you didn’t have to clean is amazing
  • Walking around stores I have to take a break and sit down. Forget the usual 2-3 stores… I’m lucky to get through one. I cut shopping short so I could go sit in my car to rest my feet
  • I’d turn on the seat heater in my car to give my back some “heat treatment” sorta like a heating pad, even though it was in the middle of the summer
  • Never underestimate bending over or rolling over – two most dreaded everyday tasks
  • I would kick everything into a pile, so I only have to bend over one time
  • I feel like I hit a wall at 32 weeks – carpal tunnel in my right hand is the worst thing ever!! Three-a-week dr. visits start.
  • Tingling and numbness in my arms and hands is awful. I can’t make a fist and my fingers are SO swollen. I’ve felt mild carpal tunnel after some big work projects and too much typing, but I guess it’s common with multiples as well. The “tunnel” formed by the bones and ligament in the wrist can become compressed by the swelling and fluid retention, squeezing a nerve that produces the painful sensations that NEVER GO AWAY 😦
  • Pillows are your best friend – on chairs, on the couch, under feet, everywhere!
  • Food = energy is a real thing. I would feel completely depleted, only to realize I need to be eating more. I realized just how vital it is to fuel your body, especially when so much depends on it!
  • Lotion is my best friend and makes me feel like I’m at the spa when I can scrub my feet, lotion my body and sit
  • Twin tips on facebook are great – also realizing I have very little to complain about. So many women have to be on bedrest, with far more complications and risk for pre-term labor. Every day I’m healthy is a huge blessing.
  • Big thanks to my genetics for great blood pressure and good baby-carrying abilities!
  • From the front looks a lot better than the view from the side
  • Yes, strangers have asked to feel my stomach… so weird
  • I feel like a twin pregnancy is everything a month ahead of a single… I look 4 weeks ahead, I feel it, etc. So basically you’re extending a singleton pregnancy an extra month… not super fun
  • I can’t stand for more than 5 minutes without fluid pooling around my ankles
  • Shoes for this stage are interesting – flip flops provide little support, but tennis shoes aren’t going to happen
  • The extra weight is a real deal and can be attributed not just to the babies’ combined weights, but also to extra fluid, tissue, uterine growth and the increased blood volume needed to supply TWO  placentas with nourishment
  • Heartburn is a real deal and started really early on – Tums by my bed, in the car, in the kitchen
  • I’ve never drank so much water in my life. You look up any remedy for twin pregnancy discomfort, they all mention drinking water. It’s been a great habit to get into, and the frequent bathroom trips are proof that I’m turning it up a notch.
  • The belly is to a whole nother level – food stains I can’t see from leaning on the counter, scraping myself on things because I’m unaware just how big I am… it’s incredible how much the body can grow
  • Laying on the left side really does help
  • Fears and insecurities during pregnancy have a small “light at the end of the tunnel” but I also have even more fears and insecurities once they are born – makes it hard to look forward to them coming in the same way it was with one


Lots of monitors…

and diapers…

The decision day…

The morning of the delivery!




5 responses to “Pregnant with Twins

  1. The Lord never gives us more than we can handle! (Lol- I’m sure comments like that drive you nuts!😜) but really- the rest of us are in awe of your strength, beauty, and endurance!!!! These boys are super blessed to have such an awesome mama who totally has this!!! (And will have three little mamas to help!!) GO JILL GO!!! It is all worth it!!💙💙

  2. Oh my goodness girl! You are amazing! I’m sad I’m not going thru this with you, lol. Not really but I’d love to watch your sweet family and you grow! I hope you have a delivery soon and all goes well! Love you and miss you all! All 7 of you!
    Leah McHorse

  3. Jill, I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog recently. Jarom and I found out a few weeks ago that we are having twins in March. It’s been nice to have some insight as to what we have ahead of us. You are an awesome mom!

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