Having these twin boys have brought so much excitement into our lives.

There is something to talk about, with pretty much everyone. They all are surprised and excited–from the clerks at the baby clothing stores where I shop, to the staff at the school, to friends at church and family who calls.

I guess I can thank them for making my life and conversations exciting for the rest of my life. I can’t imagine it will go away anytime soon.

Our family feels pretty perfect… with these three little ladies and two boys on the way.

Because of all this excitement, I was generously offered a baby shower.

Turns out that 13 of my closest friends came together to host the most incredible shower. I felt so special, and I was blown away by the amazing food, decorations and beautiful home were it was hosted.



They served the most amazing food… and I tried to fit as much as I could into my ever-shrinking stomach.

It is fun to open presents, but when that is the agenda for the evening, it can feel a little overwhelming. I hope I kept things rolling, and everyone knew how much I appreciated each and every gift. So many kind people!



Special thanks to my wonderful support group… I can’t wait for these boys to meet all the wonderful women in my life!



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