Mother’s day

I woke up to breakfast in bed.

Sometimes breakfast in bed can sound like you are getting spoiled, but when you are bombarded by three munchkins at the break of dawn, sometimes it is not my favorite thing.

However, this past mother’s day was extra special because not only did I get breakfast in bed, but it was delivered by Michael…and only Michael.

He had written a sweet note and woke me up before any of the kids ran in.

It was the best way to start my day.

I’m lucky to have him by my side, and he has been the best partner to raise a family with.

He took this picture or us before church.

My children are my greatest blessings. They are spunky, they are spirited and they are fun.

They love life, they are learning, and I am learning right alongside them.


It was a beautiful morning because for the first time, all of the gifts came from my daughters without help.

They had made cards, saved gifts and worked hard to surprise me.

Weeks ago Nora picked out some chocolates while we were at the store. She carefully wrapped them and hid them away.

Carmen gathered an old school box and put candy, coins, a homemade bracelet and some other treasures in there.

My favorite thing was a note from her that said “I will everything for you.” How cute is that?

Afton picked out a shirt and was pretty happy about that too.

They all made cards, fun things at school and little fill in the blanks about me.

It’s the little moments that make it all worth it…

Like when I found Afton in the new boy nursery…

She had been reading books, singing songs and giving her baby doll some kisses.

I am glad that she has been blessed with a kind heart and seeing her mothering her doll is just the sweetest.

I can’t imagine what it’d be like for a mother to watch her daughter have children. I bet it’s one of the most happy moments!

I am so lucky for my mom, and for her good mom.

They’ve been busy sewing baby blankets together, and my mom recently came out for a visit.

We love her, and she makes us all so happy!

It was eventful when she was here… complete with a late-night IKEA run with all three kids.

We mixed in a lot of fun, but my favorite moments were just building legos and playing puzzles together. 

We also got to talk to my brother on Mother’s day… and that was a highlight. He is doing so well in Thailand, and it was clear how happy he was to see everyone!

We feel especially grateful to have Michael’s mom here in town. She spoils us constantly, and her countenance brightens any room.

She was kind enough to treat us to Sunday dinner on Mother’s day, and we enjoyed celebrating together!

Most of all, I’m grateful for the blessing of carrying these sweet boys this Mother’s day. Things are checking out well. They’re growing, and we can’t wait to meet them!

I know the time will go by fast… little Nora just graduated from her pre-k and we got to have a special “muffins with mom” day. I feel so fortunate to have so many wonderful children and examples who help me become who I need to be.


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