Spring is one of my favorite times of year. These past few months have been no exception.

We’ve taken advantage of the lovely weather and spent a lot of time outside! It’s really the best time for soccer practice, trips to the zoo, nature walks, and picnics outside. The girls have been riding bikes outside daily with their neighbors, and now we have a basketball goal so Michael can join in the fun!

Easter was great, and the kids really enjoyed all of the festivities. If I get another plastic egg, I might go nuts. We have collected soo many!! We celebrated with church events and even got to dye eggs at a friend of ours. It was special to talk about the life of Christ and share with our kids our testimonies of the Atonement and Resurrection. We are so blessed to have that knowledge. Dressing up in pastels is fun…but the real reason is exponentially better.

Because we’ve been playing outside we’ve had some injuries. Twisted ankle on the trampoline, sliver in a foot, cuts and scrapes on foreheads… and lots of beat up knees. At nightly baths, we are always discovering new injuries…but so far, we’ve been so blessed to stay healthy and out of the ER!

I’ve been having my share of doctor visits checking up on the twins. All looks great, and we can’t believe it’s happening! We are prepping and getting excited. It’ll be here before we know it!

Michael and I got away for my birthday and a little baby moon. We got to go to Houston for a Rockets game and had so much fun. Nothing like a date trip to recharge your spirits and eat some good food!

We’ve also fit in some fun spring recitals and shows, including the Snow White Ballet. End of the school year is BUSY!! It’s fun to have things to look forward to. We love making memories as a family, and spring is the best!


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