I love this video of Esther. I think it depicts so perfectly that uneasy feeling when you are on the edge of something big.

I am amazed at her strength, her faith and her courage.

It is one thing to talk about courage, it’s another thing to live it. There are countless examples of women that have had to walk through those doors to the unknown. I am in awe of them as well.

Well today, it was a young girl. My daughter Nora has a tendency to be more reserved. She is bouncing off the walls at home, but it takes her longer to warm up to people. She also has a hard time in front of larger groups.

In our church, the primary age children take turns sharing scriptures, praying and giving a short message in front of the other kids.

Nora has had two previous assignments, and she got a little nervous.

Well this time, she was assigned to give a talk. I didn’t know what to do.

That Sunday we came home, and I talked to her about it. I thought maybe if she wrote the entire thing herself, she’d feel more involvement. I also told her this time I wouldn’t stand up there with her, but sit in the back.

We decided to keep it simple. Five pictures, five sentences. I wanted her to come up with what she was going to say, and we would practice.

Every night we practiced. She felt special, she giggled, she was silly, she was excited. She facetimed grandmas, aunts and shared it with our family.


Then it was the big day.

I pulled her aside to a small classroom before the children’s meeting. We said a prayer together, and I asked her if she wanted to run through it one more time.

She didn’t.

Of course not. Geeze… I could already tell she was clamming up.

We walked into primary class, she sat in the “Talk” chair, and she had her five pictures in hand. She had a shy smile, but she seemed happy.

Prayer, scripture…now talk time.

Nora stood up there, grabbed her papers, talked into the microphone and delivered all five lines perfectly.

I didn’t know I could cry so much in 30 seconds. I immediately felt OVERWHELMED with what she was able to accomplish.

I wasn’t a shy kid. I don’t know what it feels like to be nervous in front of others, but WOW… I knew this was something special for my sweet girl.

I was so incredibly proud, the tears just kept coming. I looked over at her teacher, and she was beaming as well. She has a special relationship with Nora and knew what a big deal this was.

One of my friends who also knows Nora well, said SHE teared up during Nora’s talk too… I mean, wow.

It was such a special mom moment…and I never want to forget it.

Children have the unique ability to touch us in unexplained ways. They are so brave, so good and so special.

Carmen also gave a powerful testimony in sacrament meeting today. Being in front of 200+ people doesn’t scare her… anyway, she was radiating and full of the Spirit. My mama heart could barely take it.

I am so privileged to be raising such strong young girls.

This was her pose after church today. She picked her dress, her headband, and check out that smile! You can see the confidence bursting! I love it.

She overcame her fears, I was overcome with emotion.




2 responses to “Overcome

  1. God sent us his special spirits but these little spirits give us their HEARTS!!!! What wonderful and great Mother you are and how Blessed to a momma to these special spirits!

  2. Jill, I don’t even know where to begin making a comment while my tears are just streaming down my face. Happy for all of us, Happy for Nora, Happy for Carmen, Happy for you and Michael, but most of all my heart is grateful for Mothers who try, who pray and who team up with a loving Father in Heaven to make miracles happen in the lives of their children. I I know the angels in Heaven were there that special day. You are a gift to me and your little girls have a most amazing role model in their sweet mom as you strive to be a valiant daughter of God! You are amazing and I feel extremely blessed that you call me mom💓

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