14 weeks, 16 weeks

A letter to my baby boys,

These past few months have been quite busy. We started off 2017 with a lot going on, when we thought this year would be pretty straightforward. We were recovering from losing your Daddy Taylor, and traveling for the holidays. We felt like there were a lot of surprises in 2016, and this year was hoping to be more calm.

We found out in early January that I was pregnant, and we were thrilled. We couldn’t wait to welcome another baby to our home. We had waited a little longer to add to our family this time, so it was news we were so happy about. I remember telling your Dad that I was pregnant, and he was ecstatic.

I joked with him and told him he’s just a little nicer to me when I’m carrying his baby. 😉 We couldn’t wait to share the news with our family. We even bought a mini van!

Then, I started to grow. I would look through my closet trying to find some loose-fitting clothes, confused why my pants were having trouble buttoning. I’d had your three sisters, and this pregnancy was feeling just a little different.

In late January, we lost your great-grandmother, Mama Taylor. She was a remarkable woman of faith and family, and Daddy Taylor was her second child. It was sad to say goodbye, but I remember feeling an overwhelming sense of peace at her services. She had 11 children, and I was excited to be adding to my family too. During that weekend, we were able to tell your dad’s siblings about our news. They cried, hugged and we celebrated together. Babies are so fun! We also told my family the same weekend, and everyone was anxious and happy for us!

A few weeks later, we announced to your sisters that you are coming! We had a little baby “knock” on the front door during family home evening. It was a special delivery, and we had just finished talking about the pre-mortal life. We wanted them to know that you existed before you were born, and that you were waiting to come to our family.

At our first doctor’s appointment two days later, we got the biggest surprise of our life! We found out that there were two of you sweet babies! We could hardly believe it!! We saw your little bodies on the ultrasound, and your dad and I were shocked! We laughed, we cried, we worried, we were completely overwhelmed! We didn’t know much about twins, but we knew it would be an adventure.

The day we found out we’re expecting TWINS

I started googling and joining mom groups, trying to learn all I could. Your dad and I would laugh at pregnancy pictures, imaging just how much I’d grow over the 9 months of carrying two babies. Most of all, we prayed for you. We prayed for your health and development, and that you’d know how loved you are. It was incredible to feel you move, to realize that there’s not just one sweet spirit in there, but TWO.  We told friends and family the news right away, so they would smile and join us in celebrating.

Just yesterday, we found out the biggest news of all, you are both boys!! You see, this is quite the ordeal, because we have done this three times before and welcomed a girl each time. We love girls, we love boys, and we just love babies. But this was something special, this means an entirely new adventure for us.

Your dad was so nervous the days and weeks before our gender reveal. He would have a hard time sleeping, constantly talk about it, and pray for you to be healthy. When he found out that Twin A was a boy, we both looked at each other with teary eyes. It was a neat feeling, and you made it clear that you were a boy!! No guessing there! Twin B was a little more reserved, back facing and covering himself…but we found out with 80% certainty that you were a boy too. What a ride…two boys!! We have lots of pictures of you to cherish and show you someday.

Of course everyone had their guesses of what you both would be. Some said girls, boys, or one of each. It’s a fun thing to do, but most of all, they were just happy and supportive. We couldn’t wait to tell everyone that we would add two beautiful boys to our family.

The best part was driving in the car with your dad, and calling our family members on the phone or FaceTime. They were screaming, crying, smiling…our cheeks hurt from sharing the news.

We called my mom first, then your dad’s mom, then my dad. He said he was proud of us and prayed for us every day. As we said goodbye, your dad and I felt an overwhelming feeling from Don, your Daddy Taylor. You see, he loved babies. He still does. He was an OB/gyn for years, and would help ladies through pregnancy and deliver countless babies. He would rock babies in the NICU, sing songs, constantly adoring and holding them. At most family gatherings, he would have a baby in his arms. It was hard to not be able to pick up the phone, and tell him that we would have two baby boys.

But what was really special, was how your dad responded to this overwhelming feeling. He lost his dad too soon, but it changed him. Your dad is incredible. He listens, loves and cares, just like his dad did. He knows how to be a good dad, because he watched his dad for so many years. I told him in the car, “Michael you will get to be a dad like that.” He will have not just one son to encourage and teach, but two. He will have that same feeling towards his sons that his dad had for him.

This was a tender experience, and I want you to know just how happy we are to welcome you to our home. The rest of the day was spent celebrating with co-workers, friends and family.

We announced it “to the world” on our social media outlets had had hundreds of comments and well wishes. Everyone is excited to meet you, to love on you, and to share in your spirits throughout this earthly life.

As your mom, I am completely humbled to carry you. I know I can’t do it alone. I have had children before, but this is different. It is entirely new for me, for my body. It hurts, aches, but it is the happiest I’ve ever been. I’ll cherish each moment we have together now and forever. Thank you for coming to our family.

Your sisters are thrilled. We put together a scavenger hunt that ended with two blue balloons. They jumped up and down on the trampoline, ecstatic to have brothers!

Nora wrote you a note already, saying, “I love you Babey Boy.” One for the both of you. Carmen got checked out of school early, because she couldn’t contain her excitement. Afton continually says, “two babies,” and is excited to dance and play with you. We are a family full of love and faith. We hope you will feel loved and special forever!

My dear boys, we love you. This was incredible news, and the biggest surprise for 2017 and our lives! We are excited for a new year ahead that will stretch us, try us, make us sleep-deprived and happier than we’ve ever been.

Families are forever!

Love, Mom

Your sweet sister lost the N balloon, just before we captured the picture. So for now, it’s TWIS… not TWINS! 😉





3 responses to “Boys

  1. I am so happy for your family and the twins to come. The boys will have four mommy’s to spoil them and a dad to teach & grow up with them. We do so miss you here in T1. Will look forward to read about the months ahead & the big day. Love K D ^i^

  2. This is the SWEETEST!!! I am tearing up just reading!! How blessed these two sweet boys are to come to earth with a FABULOUS family!!! I know Heavenly Father has hand in everything- your boys are hanging out with daddy taylor right now getting filled with advice! Congrats! I am so excited for your adorable family!!!💗

  3. Boy twins are the best!! You are going to love it. They probably figured they had better come together to support each other with all those sisters!! You are definitely in for a great ride!

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