My high school girlfriends and I finally arranged a couple’s getaway to Tahoe!


These ladies are my roots. They know me better than anyone, and they are a huge reason why I am the way I am today.

They taught me how to be happy, how to listen, how to think deeply, how to be organized, how to cheer, have school spirit, share openly my feelings of the gospel, and care for each other. They are anti-drama and I don’t think we’ve had a fight our entire teenage years…


It was so refreshing to pick up where we left off. We stayed up late and chatted while the guys played with drones and skateboarded. There was only one bump in the road that ended in the ER, but all in all, successful.


There was also this large tiger blanket hanging on the wall, so we decided to bring it down so Joe could rest.


Thai food…


Gorgeous cabin… img_7440

Hiking img_7439


Walking the pier… img_7409


Love these people so much.img_0839


THEN IT WAS FINALLY TIME … my 10-year reunion.


People, I was in charge. It was CRAZY. It was so nice to finally be DONE with it all!!!


I loved seeing old friends, and we had a HUGE turnout! Way more than expected and every person who came had a great time! NO one wanted to leave! There were like 150+ people there…

We gave gift cards away, raffles, tons of good food and more…


Special thanks to my VP… oh, those were the days!!

I can’t believe I’m this old… I guess I better start getting used to it before I hit 3-0!!!





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