Divine Design

Dads are special.

By divine design, dads have a special role in the family. There is not one right way to be a dad, but there are many ways to be a great one.

“By divine design, fathers are to preside over their families in love and righteousness and are responsible to provide the necessities of life and protection for their families. Mothers are primarily responsible for the nurture of their children. In these sacred responsibilities, fathers and mothers are obligated to help one another as equal partners.”

I feel like my daughters are blessed with one of the very best dads. We are on the same team. We work hard to support each other. He has a hard job, and he does the best he can every day to balance his demands.

June was a busy month for us.

Michael turned 31, and it was fun to celebrate him.




Night out with friends to celebrate!


Sushi date…



We were also able to celebrate him on Father’s Day. We caught him mid-shave, and wanted to show him our annual scrapbook.


The girls picked out blue dresses to wear, because it is Michael’s favorite color.


Then, we also got to celebrate Don.

Unfortunately for much of June, he was in the hospital for some mucus in his lungs. He was able to clear the infection (thankfully) and now benefits from a feeding tube to avoid aspirating.

Benjamin and Donny came in to celebrate with us, and it was a special holiday to think of Don and all he does to lead our family.


We had a lot of fun…but this picture made me laugh.

Chillin on our phones while hanging in the hospital.


We were just glad they moved us to the VIP suite and out of this tiny ICU room… Hilde was Lysol-ing everything because there were germs everywhere!


I’ll cherish this picture for along time, I’m sure…


Daddy Taylor sneaking Afton some fruit snacks…


We gave Don a blanket with some of his favorite pictures on it. I thought it was the perfect gift for him! He loved it!


Now that he’s doing well and back home, the rest of the summer he spent resting and watching us by the pool.

He loves sneaking his grandkids chocolates, and he loves watching them learn how to dive. He smiles, gives hugs and he makes me happy!


One of the funny things I want to remember is Afton picking the fake flowers. She picks them off the plant and Daddy Taylor thought it would be funny to stick them in his hair. He doesn’t have much strength, but one by one, he’ll put a flower in his hair and she’ll go back for another. It makes her smile.



Another special memory was celebrating Don’s 58th birthday. Christina and Dustin and Benjamin and Kaly were there, and we had a brisket dinner and opened some great gifts. The highlight was a wonderful quiz all about Don! We had to fill in the blanks about some of his famous lines, and we all laughed together!

It was great to celebrate him and learn some new things too!


We also got some El Lugar tacos in his honor..


And us girls accidentally matched…


Anyway, this man knows how to love. He radiates goodness and is always thoughtful of the “one.” He is a great dad, and an even better Daddy Taylor.


Afton has always loved snuggling with him, and it melts my heart every time.



My dad and I have always shared a special bond. He always makes me laugh, and he brings the FUN!


My parents said goodbye to my brother, and now they are officially empty nesters!

IMG_4339 IMG_4345

This means they can come visit anytime!! 😉

So they decided to take a weekend trip to San Antonio and meet us at Sea World!



It was the perfect day, but one of my highlights was riding the roller coaster with my Dad.


For some reason it made me feel alive and free.. like a kid again!

He has the magic touch, and my girls had a lot of fun with him!


IMG_5968  IMG_6022


Before they left, we stopped for church. My dad is a natural teacher, and I snuck this picture of him teaching Carmen how to lead and read the hymns.


A little tex-mex and they were on their way!


When I think about dads, I think about the tremendous influence they have. They can lead out families, be strong and courageous and set a righteous example.

Before school Michael gave each daughter a back-to-school blessing. As I peeked open my eyes, the image of it all made an impact on me. In that moment I felt blessed to have a worthy priesthood holder in my home, and that my little 2-year-old could feel that it was a special time to sit still. I am grateful for righteous fathers in my life.

When my brother had his first baby just this summer, he was beaming. He and his wife are doing so well, and it makes me smile every time I think about it.

When I asked him how he felt he said, “Jill, I feel like I was born to be a Dad.”


It truly is life-changing. What I love the most, is that IS the plan.

Sure, jobs and sports and travel is great. But why are we here? We’re here to raise a righteous family and return to God. We are here to be fathers, mothers and saints. We need each other and we certainly need dads.





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