Michael’s mom is from Norway and he has a lot of family over there.

Since the first time I met him, I have been fascinated by the country.

Over the last 8 years, I have heard so many stories about the beauty of the fjords, the incredible midnight sun, and the spectacular views.

It is just one of those places you really have to see to believe.

Words can’t do it justice, so here are a few pictures to give you a small glimpse.

It was an incredible trip!

Geiranger Fjord

Geiranger Fjord


  • Totally lucking out with sunny weather every day. The day we left it was overcast and slightly raining, which can sometimes be the norm. We had clear, blue skies EVERY DAY!
  • Watching Eurovision for the first time with the Sterris.
  • Enjoying Norway through the lens of  locals.
  • Touring some museums to appreciate the culture.
  • CURLING! The guy explaining wore crazy clothes, and I asked a million questions so I could try to get it right! We had a blast playing!
  • Laughing, singing and joking with cousins. Family makes everything more fun!
  • Be able to hike, play volleyball, and do other active things while on vacation.
  • Singing at the Drammen soccer game, and the player of the game giving us a high five!
  • Eating all of Michael’s favorite Norwegian foods! Special thanks to Mormor for taking his requests.
  • Seeing Lindøya island where Michael spent his childhood summers fishing for crabs for months.
  • Seeing Don and Hilde and all of the places where they fell in love and got married!
  • Playing games at the cabin and eating lots of Norwegian chocolate!
  • Hiking up to the Ålesund lookout after dinner as the midnight sun was setting.
  • Every night with the midnight sun.
  • Hearing Patrick’s testimony to his ward family at church on Sunday. He bore a powerful witness that although in some areas he feels like an ordinary man, he has a strong witness of God’s love for him.
  • Coming home to the AMAZING scent of Camilla’s home!
  • Hearing all of his family switch from language to language to other language like it ‘aint no thing!
  • Sneaking into the parade during 17th of May in downtown Oslo.
  • Seeing everyone in the traditional bunad dresses, and waving to the King!
  • Hearing the 25 cannons go off, and Rebekah’s phone almost falling down a 50 ft. ledge.
  • Seeing the Geiranger Fjord…one of the most scenic places I’ve ever been.
  • Going on an anniversary walk with Michael, as he picked me some yellow wildflowers. I pressed them and they’re now hanging in my bathroom, along with flowers from Lindøya island.
  • Riding the scenic train from Åndalsnes where every 100 yards someone yelled “waterfall,” because I told them I love waterfalls.
  • The generosity of every family member, and their beautiful culture to think of everyone as equals.
  • Watching Donny take 5k pictures.
  • Listening to old stories, and finding old picture albums.
  • Seeing the Atlantic highway, and putting my hand in the Norwegian Sea!
  • Face-timing with my mom…knowing she had everything under control.
  • Coming home to hug my babies!!

It was truly a trip I will always remember. I am so happy, recharged, and I know I will see the world a little differently.

For those who are wanting more, there is an hour+ video I put together for our keepsake, but knock yourself out:



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