Carmen had career day, and she decided she wanted to be a mom. She had gone back and forth between all sorts of careers, but kept coming back to a mom.

Then she decided to add a little flare to it, and decided to be a “sewer mom,” or a seamstress. She’s really be into sewing buttons lately, so I thought this was perfect.

Her self-portrait girl turned out really sweet.
IMG_1866I’m so glad that Carmen can see the joy in motherhood.

I felt so spoiled that my own mom came out to visit me…


We went to shows, shopped till we dropped, and had lots of laughs together! IMG_1206


We also got to see the Azalea’s in full bloom… IMG_1240



Speaking of sewing and moms…we sewed the dolls some blankets and bedding.



It was sad to see her go!! IMG_1288

But she made it just in time for Jared to open his mission call…to THAILAND!! IMG_1328

So we have really come to appreciate our parents and all they do for me.

Not just moms, but our dads too.

I have been working really close with my dad lately, do a TON of work for his business, TuttleNumbNow.


He recently just spoke at the Utah Dental Convention, and I helped him with his promotional materials, website and TONS more! It’s been nice to use my talents to connect with him and bless his life.

Michael has also come to really appreciate his parents.

He has been a great blessing to his family, as his dad has been sick with ALS over the last year or so.

You really come to appreciate your parents when you see them in a different light.


We love him dearly, and are so grateful for goodly parents.




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