Every day I get my kids and myself ready for the day. We’re looking and feeling like a million bucks.

Hair-sprayed hair, matching bows and cute clothes.

For some reason when 3pm comes rolling in and it’s time to pick up Carmen, I feel like we all do the walk of shame.

My kids forget their shoes, their hair is sticking to the side of their face with jelly on their cheeks, they are missing pieces of clothing, and well… it just wasn’t the way we started out.

Pretty sure when I get out of my car to walk up, every other mom understands. That’s because some of them are sporting their “workout” wear and we all just do a little “I gotcha” look to each other. (I would probably also be in my workout gear, if I, um…. worked out.)

I mean, does everyone really need shoes to walk up 20 steps on the sidewalk… 😉

But then there’s a few times when we get to feel fancy. I think that it is important to a woman’s self confidence, and not just because I’ve seen episodes of “What Not to Wear” back in the day. It’s not because I’m superficial or traditional, it’s because it is a proven fact everyone feels happy when they get dressed up.

Take Exhibit A: My new fancy shoes


I got these bad boys for my birthday. I didn’t pick them out, that credit actually goes to Carmen. I have no idea where her sense of style came from, but she sure is fancy. I love these shoes! And no, I’m not promoting them or telling you to buy them, I’m simply showing off the fact that sometimes I feel fancy.

Oh, and I take a selfie when I get my hair done. BAM!


I had an amazing birthday and felt totally spoiled.

IMG_0966Michael did a fun theme about how the girls are “following in my footsteps” and had a category and a new pair of shoes for each. WOW! is right!


I also have been trying to spend quality time with my daughters. Part of that is making up for the 1-2 hours every day that my face is sucked into the computer doing freelance work…

I took Carmen to a special production of Charlotte’s Web. We had the BEST time getting all fancy, and going to a show together.

It’s incredible how your children change when you give them your full attention 1-1. It’s magic.



She wanted to sit front row of course. IMG_0682

Then every once in awhile, the girls beg for a “princess party.” They get all dressed up and I serve them their dinner by candlelight!


They think it’s so fun!


Michael has been getting an A+ with the date department. Most of the credit goes to his work, which is a big donor to the local theater, but hey… we still benefit. He’s able to give away tickets monthly, and sometimes we get to go.

We got to see the Irish Tenors in March for my bday. Again, so fancy… IMG_0963

Then…we got new floors!!! It’s making our house feel extra fancy, minus the fact I have to clean them 10x a day.

I love them, and we’re happy with how they turned out.


Again with the musicals and shows… so fancy. This time the baby doll got to come.

We saw CATS put on by the college ballet department. It was such a fun spin on the classic musical, and we knew one of the principle dancers.

After the show, it was windy and late…but we all danced around and ran to the car. It was so worth taking the girls. They pretended to be cats for the next day or so!


Love my fancy little girlies…. and all that they teach me every day.




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