Michael said it best:
Today was one of the proudest moments I’ve had as a father…and I don’t say that lightly and I don’t say that as a sports driven dad. Those of you who know Nora may understand how this could be. Nora has a great sense of humor and is a true friend, sister and daughter. She is also paralyzingly shy–the kind of shy that causes her to completely shutdown around people she doesn’t feel comfortable with. You can imagine how soccer has gone for us these past 2 seasons…nervous fingers in the mouth, holding the coaches hand and never really running or touching the ball. I realize she is only 4 but I’ve so badly wanted her to break through and overcome this challenge–and I’m not just referring to soccer…

WELL, a miracle happened today! I could tell Nora was doing a little better today at the start of the game, running after the ball a little bit and trying to keep up with the herd of players. Halfway through the game, she not only kicked the ball but she ran after it and kicked it again…haha! That, in and of itself, was a breakthrough.

Soon after she started to loosen up and run after the ball. Jill and I were beside ourselves. Then…with about 5 minutes left in the game, Nora kicked the ball starting from half field and then ran forward and kicked it again – on purpose with power – IN THE GOAL! SHE SCORED! My Nora scored!! It was a victory in so many ways!! Her soccer coach (who coached her last year as well) shared in our celebration. She picked Nora up and started jumping up and down with her in her arms. She knew Nora had it in her.

Then after putting her down, Nora ran over to give Jill a hug! That was a special moment. I was high five-ing all the other parents. I’m not sure Nora liked all the attention but I’ll never forget the look of accomplishment I saw on her face after she scored.



After the game, the coach gave the game MVP card to Nora (featured in the picture) which also is a voucher for a free snow cone. I swung Nora in the air after the game and just hugged her for a while. She deserved to know how proud I was of her. She overcame her fear…at least for those 20 minutes or so. ‪

Michael said it best. That was a moment I know I’ll never forget. I cried, I smiled, and I was just so happy!!! Go Nora!!

My mom was in town for the game too, but how sad is it that she went to the bathroom during the timeout and missed the goal? ahh! Go Figures! We celebrated with donuts!



Go Power Ponies!


Then…  poor Nora caught her toenail on the tile as we were remodeling our floors. Poor thing. She still played soccer the next week, but got a blister on her heel because of the bandage. That foot got pretty beat up. Happy to say everything is healing just fine. IMG_1355

Then we have our sweet Carmen and the Pixes! She loves her team, and is learning a lot! They are winning games, and she is practicing twice a week. It is busy, but she is really aggressive!  They put her playing defense/midfield, because at this age is when they start to learn positions.

She’s really done well trying to listen to the coach and not the 10 other parents yelling from the sidelines. She has to learn how to “stay back” and resist the urge she has to get after the ball!

Last week she got the player of the game card because she did not allow a single goal, and she assisted with a goal off a corner kick! She was so happy!!


Something about snowcones and soccer Saturdays! Gotta love it. IMG_1521

Meanwhile we have this crazy girl…bouncing on our legs and begging for attention. She knows how to kick the ball around, and we better watch out because she’ll probably the best one of them all! IMG_1530



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