Blanket with a zipper

Here it is, in all it’s glory…

The robe affectionately known as “My blanket with a zipper.”

This lovely thing has quite the story.

My sweet mother in law started the trend, so all the credit goes to her. She has a blanket with a zipper in a variety of colors, red being my favorite of hers.

For Christmas she gave each of her daughters one… little did we know how much we would love it. I’ll admit, when I opened it I didn’t know what to expect. We all got the snow leopard print, so we were off to a good start.
Only thing missing was a matching picture of us all twinning…

But I digress.
This little blanket with a zipper is the ultimate in comfort.
Sure, I used to be a sweatpants girl.
I’ve even been a dry-fit, super soft fabric nightgown-ish girl.
But then the winter came and the blanket with a zipper came, all at the perfect time.

So here’s a little look into what you may catch me doing at any given moment, when I’m wearing this thing.

And yes, I am wearing it as I write.

  • Rolling out of bed— who wants to put pants on right when they wake up? Not me. Who has babies as alarm clocks? Me. This requires a go-to article of clothing first thing when you wake up. Hence the blanket, zip it up. Done.
  • Taking out the garbage can— why oh why does this always happen in the morning when I’m trying to do a million other things. Well, you know the feeling… you just about die when you hear a rumble outside, afraid you’re going to miss the trash truck in the morning. What are you wearing? See… I’m all set. Whether it’s freezing or not… I got it covered. Literally. Roll that baby to the road, and I’m good.
  • Keeping kids warm— we have a rule, no blankets at the table. It just grosses me out. I can’t handle the thought of something in bed with you next to a bowl full of milk and cereal. Maybe it’s just me. Anyway, there’s a rule you can’t drag your blanket out of bed and bring it to breakfast. Poor sweet Carmen is always crying about how cold she is. I get that it can be hard for your body temperature to adjust, but everything is about 10x more dramatic around here. Hence, the blanket with the zipper. I can throw that on her and bam. No more crying. The only hard part is that I’m usually the one wearing it. Opps.
  • Driving kids to school— not sure what those car-greeter people see in the morning. I assume it’s a lot of coffee and moms in workout gear. Maybe a few with sunglasses hiding their non-makeuped face that is still “waking up.” What I really wonder is what the guy thinks when he sees me in this snow leopard thing 7/10 days. Hey, it’s not so bad. At least I haven’t worn it to walk my kid up the sidewalk yet… Luckily, we’ve made it in time to go around the drop off circle.
  • Sweeping out my garage— if you’re anything like me you pick the most random times to do odd jobs. I guess I have the majority of my energy in the morning, so there I am… Drop the kid off at school, and next thing you know I’m sweeping out leaves, hosing down bugs… all in my blanket with a zipper.
  • Getting ready–This is the time when it gets a rest…but it never goes far. It has a special place in my closet, hung up for easy access on the back of my door. Amazing how my drawer full of pajamas and sweatpants haven’t seen too much love lately. I do admit, I get ready every day. I have the 5-minute version, 20-minute version and the 40-minute version, but I’m a believer in putting time for yourself every morning–even if you’re not planning on going anywhere. Because let’s be honest, that’s the day the do0r-t0-door salesman stops by, or your neighbor asks you to get their mail as they head out of town.
  • Off duty–then there is the moment I declare to my kids, “I’m off duty in about five minutes.” Get your requests for stories, backrubs, drink of water, etc. etc. etc. x10000 in before I’m off duty. Because I will lovingly respond, “Sorry sweetie. I’m off duty.” I know, moms never get a break, but I have to at least tell myself that. Or my husband and I switch and lovingly ask, “Can you take over?” ๐Ÿ˜‰ So that’s when the blanket with a zipper comes in. Off-duty is paradise. It’s the time when you get to take your bra off and relax, and you’re officially done for the day. Some days that’s 7pm, other days it’s closer to 11. It’s a rewarding feeling to grab that robe and slip it on. Hair in a top knot, and we’re reading for cuddling, tv watching, reading or you know…scrolling my iphone for useless information.
  • Bed–as much as I love the convenience, comfort and ease of this little thing (and no, I’m not a paid sponsor), I don’t wear it to bed. It’s my last goodbye to the cares of the day, and it’s a little too hot for my liking to sleep in. And we’ll just leave it at that.

Have I sold you on it? What do other mama’s wear to bed? This little thingย  has carried me some of my most crazy times as a mom.

Washing sheets from someone peeing (or blowing out) in bed, scrubbing the floor after a milk incident, unloading the dishwasher day after day after day after day, snuggles at night, lullabys, rocking my babies close, relief after a big event, the official sign to Michael that I’ve checked out, and so much more.

Let’s just hope my husband loves it as much as I do….

Sad to tell you, they’re only available in store. ๐Ÿ˜‰






2 responses to “Blanket with a zipper

  1. I laughed sooo good at this post. You and I are kindred spirits. I have something similar. John judged until I had him out it on and then he immediately understood! Try that! Haha.




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