So one of the perks about being the first couple married on both sides of our family is that we get to attend LOTS of weddings. This was a special wedding, because it was the last brother to be married in Michael’s family.

It was especially fun for me to combine seeing both MY family and my in-laws. I’m the luckiest girl that everyone gets a long so well.

In fact, my brother-in-law was living at my mom’s house…and my mom offered to help with the flowers for the wedding. Plenty of love to go around.

Gorgeous hydrangeas.


Beautiful day at the Mt. Timpanogos Temple for Kaly. All of the kids are now “safely tucked in” with their covenants.


We also got to tour the Provo City Center Temple open house. How fun for my girls to have both of their grandmas!


My forever family.


Some of the Tuttles joined in for the fun! IMG_1133

It was beautiful!

But nothing was as beautiful as Benjamin and Kaly’s wedding day! Despite the fact it was freezing, we all really enjoyed the celebration. As they were sealed together, the man performing the ceremony spoke with so much meaning and conviction, it was really heartfelt and powerful.


Cutest little Nora with Michael’s Norwegian cousin. Both are Nordic beauties with that blonde hair!




Lots of fun with cousins and aunts!! IMG_0002

Beautiful aunt Christina and Taylor! IMG_1172

Some of my favorite people!! The siblings!!

Beautiful bride! Congrats you two!




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