So there are a lot of great things about living here, but one thing that is a bummer is it probably won’t snow this season.

It’s snowed here in the past, but not this year. Goes to show you that’s what happens when you ask Santa for a sled… no snow.

One thing I love about the snow is that it makes everything seem peaceful and heavenly. I know from living in the snow that it’s not always snowflakes and fairy tales… Scraping off dirty snow is nothing magical.

However, when we came to Utah for our trip, we were thrilled to see LOTS of snow.

One of the first things we did was build a snowman. My daughters had to learn that you can’t walk in the snow barefoot. You can’t wear your boots without socks.


They were so excited to see their footprints as they walked and to be in total shock about the mountains.


You just forget how big they really are. Simply incredible.

My family made a special effort to spend President’s day weekend together. We were able to rent a cabin at Strawberry Reservoir and go snowmobiling.

It was so fun to hang out with the crew!




It was a great time. I was proud of us and our make-shift snow clothes!

Sledding with our COUSIN!


Our snowman! Michael’s first time rolling snow to make a snowman.



It even snowed on Valentine’s day! So romantic!


My sweet Valentines!



The biggest smiles…

What at fun trip! Who knew my girls would love the snow so much!?

My favorite part was just spending time with my family. Catching up playing games, late night chats, and snowmobiling adventures. It’s always a good time.



Throw in a little bowling, and it was even better.



It was also really neat to support my youngest brother. It’s not too often you get the family to cheer you on at your basketball game! So proud of him.


Good lookin’ bunch!


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