Apparently we got the project bug.

Find us on the couch watching TV 80% of most nights, but for the last month or so, we’ve been busy little bee’s in our house.

Must be the holidays!!

First up… decorating for Christmas.

We got to put up our Christmas tree for the first time, and I’m excited to share Christmas at home this year. I love it!

What’s Christmas without lights? And not just any lights…lights on the HOUSE! Yikes!

Michael had some time off around Thanksgiving, and unfortunately, it rained all weekend. But, duty calls.

He put up lights all along our house in the freezing rain!


I was his trusty assistant, but I really thought he was going to die on that latter. Maybe next year we will line our garden walkway. ๐Ÿ˜‰ IMG_7809

He did it!! IMG_7811

He makes all my dreams come true and they’re sooo pretty!



Ok, if that wasn’t enough, we had talked about getting a trampoline and putting it in the ground. I know, why put a trampoline in the ground? Well, I like it. I think it looks cleaner, and our yard is small. So, if we were to put a trampoline in our yard, it’s slanted, and it would basically take up the entire yard. Hence, in the ground it goes.

We wanted to off-set the cost of the project, so Michael’s coworkers sold us their trampoline. Win!

Then he started digging. Yes. with a shovel. Yes, by hand.

I had called like 4-5 landscapers to come give me estimates and mooch as much expert info as I could. Called the permission to dig people, etc. etc. I ran into decision paralysis, when Michael just picked up a shovel. It only took him 1 week to dig a 15ft by 3ft hole! Nuts!

Oh, and by the time he got home each night, it’s dark. I couldn’t believe he would go out there and dig in the darkness. So hardcore. So. much. dirt.


Making progress… IMG_8064

Our notes… IMG_8103

Looking like it’s really going to work!! IMG_8109

Reinforcement in progress… IMG_8173

And success!! It’s in the ground!!



We finished just before a huge rain storm, and it was such a celebration!! We had worked 6-8 hours that Saturday, and finally got the mat on…just before the sprinkles came down! I was soo happy!!

The kids have been playing on it NON STOP. It’s the best backyard investment ever, and hardly cost us anything! We still have some aesthetic work to do, but it is functional now! Talk about a win all around!

Then we have bread. 16 loaves of bread. This was a full day project, and a ton of work! We wanted to give each of the providers in Michael’s office a Christmas gift, and I came up with this “Bread of life” idea…

My kitchen was crazy, but smelt soo good. ‘Tis the season!



The up side was that it wasn’t chocolate and I couldn’t secretly eat half of everything I was making! Sooo glad that’s done!! yay!

We’re done with projects for awhile, and now we can just relax over the holidays and celebrate!


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