Nothing is better than a vacation weekend away! Even if you are driving 9 hours to run a race!

It was the perfect trip for Michael and me down to South Padre Island.

We got some bananas for the road, so we didn’t cramp up… Drank a ton of water, and really enjoyed our conversation!


I was so happy I didn’t have to turn around to help anyone, and I could just relax! IMG_6926

We got in late, but waited to have dinner at the famous Blackbeard’s… the sea food was delicious!


The next morning we took a run on the beach, and it was really nice waking up with nothing we had to do! It was our first run together throughout the entire training, so we sort of laughed about that. We also realized that the finish line to the race was right by our hotel, so that was a pleasant surprise! IMG_6984

We checked out some sea turtles and giggled because we didn’t know it was a rehab facility.


Cool sand statues all over town. IMG_6994

Then we had a romantic, secluded lunch for two at a beachfront cafe called Palms. It was delcious, and the homemade chips were to die for. I justified eating as much as I wanted because I was there for you know, the marathon. I didn’t correct people when they said, “Oh you’re here for the marathon.” I should’ve said… “Well, the half… but ya know..” IMG_6997

Anyway, this was a fun store. Can’t you tell we’re having fun?


Oh, then the day before the race we rode horses for 2 hours on the beach. It was the highlight of the trip for me. The view was incredible, and we could  trot pretty much wherever we wanted on these beautiful animals! IMG_7037


So, so cool. That expression, “felt like I rode a horse,” is also true. Probably not the smartest thing to use these random muscles and have my but bones sore for race day, but it’s vacation!!


Incredibly good Italian dinner… with quite the crowd! Turns out pasta is a good pre-race meal…who knew?



Then it was race day… That got it’s own post here.

After the race we chilled by the beach and enjoyed some live music and good food. (After we showered, of course!)



Trying to find some souvenirs.


Oh, and it turns out that if you run 26.2 miles, you might need a nap!


Special fancy dinner to celebrate at Sea Ranch. IMG_7169\ IMG_7189

Then we checked out the night life at Louie’s and felt really old, because we just wanted to go home and sleep.  IMG_7197

Then, the drive home… It was so perfect. Love my travel partner, and boy, does he look good driving?!



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