When people think back on my life, this is one of those moments that needs to be remembered.

I ran a half marathon!!

I know, I know… lots of people do it.

But for me, it was a big deal. I was sure to take a lot of pictures, you know, just in case it doesn’t ever happen again.


Here we are the morning of the race.

Michael ran the FULL MARATHON and so he was extra pumped. I was just following his lead.

We woke up early to soak our muscles, stretch, and eat a banana. I was excited.


Got to the starting line and planned my potty trip accordingly. So did everyone else in the race…Guess they need like 500 porta potties at the start line. haha

Gun went off around 6:45am, just as the sun was rising! IMG_7074

Here we are with the crowd.IMG_7076



Almost go time!


It was a gorgeous view as we ran the first 3 miles over the bridge onto the island. I could feel the marathon spirit, and I found a pacer to run with. IMG_7085

I killed it my first 6-8 miles! I was in the ZONE! Then my body started hurting and I slowed down a little for the second half, but still stayed above my target pace.


I had to snap a shot of this, because I was thinking of Michael having to go TWICE AS FAR!! That’s just crazy.


Then…I did it! I made it to the end.

I cried out of joy, and cried out of exhaustion! There were a few songs that came on my playlist at the perfect time, and I just couldn’t believe I accomplished something so awesome. It was hard and I thought my legs were going to fall off…but I did it!


13.1 or 13.2 😉 miles! Average pace was 10:26.. Not bad and finished just over 2 hours, which was my goal.


Michael ran the entire length of the island. Nice views, but when it broke off for the marathoners, he had to run on a road with sand dunes on both sides. How awful is that!


Anyway, just two hours later…MY MAN CAME! So SO proud of him!


It was so special to accomplish something like this together. IMG_7115


We had a friend running as well, so we had to relate and debrief the run…


We got amazing medals, and it was so fun to share a special weekend away!


All iced up and good to go! Couldn’t walk much the next day, but we recovered! IMG_0300

Now it’s all just a memory…you know…one to tell everyone, so they think I’m a hardcore runner. haha. They’re already sending me emails to sign up for next year… what the heck?? haha.


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