In our house we have an abundance of toys. Our playroom is full of fun, engaging things for my daughters to play with. I love it. Unlike some kids, my kids DO play with their toys, and so it makes me happy to see them put to use.

My sweet Nora Jane has a soft spot in her her heart for toys that don’t work, or when the batteries die. She is always finding a toy that needs attention and bringing it to me so I can change the batteries.

I have a stash of batteries on hand, so it’s usually no problem…but it got me thinking. Sometimes we get worn out, and we just need some new batteries. Nora’s face lights up, and she is so amazed when the toy works again. It’s like magic.

So, life has been busy. It’s been different. We are trying to adjust to new schedules, new jobs and all that jazz… and sometimes we need new batteries.

Here are a few things we’ve been doing to RECHARGE our little family.

First up, surprise date nights. After a particularly stressful week, I decided to make plans for the girls and take Michael out. When he pulled in from work Friday night, I was sitting there in the garage with a sign, “Surprise, date night!” and he was so confused. We got to eat a nice dinner, just the two of us. Always a good way to recharge the batteries.


Next up, the temple. Michael and I were able to attend a session at the Dallas temple, after a small memorial ceremony for his grandfather who passed away two years ago. It is always nice to go to the temple and feel peace. It is a place that is quiet and free from all distractions. It felt nice to pray, ponder and evaluate my life. I always come away with a better perspective and purpose for the things that matter most.


Yummy food in Dallas too!!


Batter recharge #3… visitors. We have these lovely people in our life and they bring us so much joy. They welcomed their first baby, and they made a trip to see us over Labor Day weekend. Chatting with old friends is one sure way to feel better!




Also over Labor Day we were invited by friends to hang out at their new lake house! If you know anything about us, we never turn down a lake invite. It’s so awesome to see the blue skies, blue water and all of our cares go away!


The girls enjoyed jumping off the swim dock and swinging from the tree swing!



Good friends, good times.




Thanks to Michael and his mom, I was able to sneak away for a girls weekend at Time Out for Women. It’s put on by Deseret Book, and there are a number of speakers and musical artists who present over the weekend. I loved hearing from the speakers. They each had an inspiring message, overcame great odds, made me laugh and cry, and just shared their talent with a room full of women ready to listen. What made it even better was my SIL came in from Arizona!


She brought sweet Truly, and we loved hanging with them!      IMG_4617

Thanks mom for a wonderful girl’s weekend away!!


Ok, this was a major RECHARGE… THE PRICE IS RIGHT! I mean, nothing can lift your spirits like a little “come on down” action. We got tickets to the Price is Right tour… so a spin off of the TV show, but still a chance to win prizes! I’ve been a big fan since I was young and this didn’t disappoint.  I went to the real deal in Hollywood when I turned 18, but this was just so fun and interactive.

Michael and I couldn’t stop laughing at the host’s jokes about China Cafe and these old ladies.. We were just cracking up!


IMG_4485 So sometimes life can be moving along and it’s hard to notice when things start breaking down. It can happen suddenly, or subtly and we are trying to make an effort to catch our dying batteries before they die. With our engagement-versary, it’s obviously not something everyone celebrates. But to spoil each other and show our love, we decided to make it a special day! I found A&M tickets for Michael, and he bought me some clothes. It was a fun day for US to feel recharged!




And if you feel like you need a boost, all we have to do is look at this sweet face. Isn’t her smile just a crack up!?!



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