Before you become a mother, you have in mind some of those major milestones that you may come across.

For example, the day your baby sleeps through the night. The time they take their first steps. On and on…

Well between age 1 and 5 it’s a protected time. You are in charge of your child’s day, and you are with them the majority of the time. It can be overwhelming, exhausting, but it is also very rewarding.

I had 3 babies age 3 and under… granted it was only a month or so before my oldest turned 4, but still. I get the babies at home thing.

Well, it’s not until my oldest has gone off to Kindergarten do I realize how special that time is.

I took Carmen shopping before her first day, and I couldn’t believe how grown up she was acting. She was particular about her outfits, the shoes, the whole bit.

But when I took her to another little store, she decided to buy a stuffed animal. You know, the ones with the huge eyeballs that every kid  begs for? Yes. that one. I let her get a cute little polar bear, to remember that special time we had together. It reminded me that she’s still a little girl at heart. IMG_4079

We took her to her “meet the teacher,” and I was so impressed with the organization of the school, the love her teacher had for her, and the whole world of public school. I knew my daughter would be loved and she would flourish in her education.






She was ready for her first day… it was a long day. I tried not to look at the clock, but she had never been away for SO LONG.




I held it together when I dropped her off. I held it together when I waved goodbye…

But around 10am or so, I saw this picture on my counter, and I cried. It was right next to the polar bear we bought together.

It’s a drawing from our “special day” shopping together. It’s a picture of her and me, and it melted my heart.


My little baby is all grown up. She’s off to school with friends and kids that may be mean, but it’s time. She has done so well, and was honored the “patriot of the week,” already! I got to come and eat lunch with her at a special table in the cafeteria and she got to pick a friend to join her.



I’m so proud of you Carmen, and can’t wait to see you grow!


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