We have officially ended our first summer of gymnastics. Now I know why parents go crazy when their kids get involved.
It’s fun to see them “getting into” the stuff that you enjoyed as a kid, I get that. It’s fun to see them doing the same tricks I learned and loved.

It’s also rewarding to see them try new things, push themselves and grow.

Here’s Carmen.

She went straight into Level I without any preschool gym. She rocked it. She was so official and the best at her “finish.” Her arms by her ears every time! She loved the beam, and everything in between. The kicker was…she couldn’t get her backwards roll. She kept getting stuck. Her cartwheel was perfect, and I was just so proud of her! She was constantly looking to see if we were watching… The girl loves attention.

Then there’s Nora Jane.


This was a big, important step for her socially. I wanted to get her involved in a class and talking with other kids. She was always hesitant when I dropped her off, but warmed up considerably. She would practice her moves everywhere! She was always jumping on the couch and even used the cushions as her “cheese” to do her tricks off of. She rocked her cartwheel and was so strong!

She was the best in her class, and although you couldn’t see it on her nervous face, she had a blast!! Yay for preschool 1.

Michael even made them a beam to practice on. We would watch YouTube videos of gymnastics and I even showed them the 1996 Olympic gymnasts. It was fun to see them get so involved and excited.


We had great fans, and my mom even came to show her support for the last class!


I love my little gymnastics girls!



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