Get away









Summer means two things to me.
Going on a get away, and sometimes needing my kids to get away.

Not sure if it was the move, extra time out of routine or what… but my kids have started fighting more. Bummer for me.

I have officially implemented the sitting on the couch and holding hands until the timer goes off method… Bless my mom for the idea.

BUT… back to the better version of “get away.”


We didn’t get to go on vacation this year, but there were a few ways we were able to get away and enjoy summer.

First up, the lake.

If Michael could have an official happy place, it would be the lake. He is just over-the-top happy when he’s out there.


He is constantly smiling, cheering on others and just so dang happy. Anyone that has been with him out there can attest. I know it’s his dream to own a boat, but maybe that would take all the magic out of it! haha.

It’s good for the soul, and especially beneficial we found a few friends here that have invited us to go out on their boats.








The pool.


If you’re in Texas in this heat, you can’t be outside unless you’re in the AC or by water. Thankfully, we were able to steal away a few days at the pool.



My kids are 100% happier when they can jump in the water, swim and play games. They have become so brave, learning how to dive and jump off the diving board.

They love playing the categories game, where you get to guess what people are thinking in a specific category and try to swim race with them. I love spending quality time with them, away from home, the computer and things that are nagging at me.


And if WE can’t go on vacation, it’s always nice to have people come on vacation to visit US!

First visitor was AnnMarie. Her three babies line up perfectly with mine.


It was a blast entertaining them all and we showed her a good time in our neck of the woods!


Can you believe how GREEN it is? I love this…


Her husband was studying for law school, so she was happy to get away as well. Win win!


We also had all of our visitor’s for Michael’s bday weekend. It was a blast seeing old friends again. It just seems to recharge the soul!





Then for the 4th of July, we had a mini getaway to Lake Jacksonville and a ranch in Bullard.




IMG_9305 IMG_9246




We felt pretty patriotic with the wide open spaces. I loved it!

Then in July we had another visitor…Benjamin’s girlfriend. She was perfect and delightful and a great excuse for more fun!



IMG_3132  IMG_3312

Last but not least, my mom came!!

We found a cheap flight and she took advantage of it! We are so glad she made our dreams come true… especially before I have a kindergartner and life gets busy!

We did some shopping, and that’s always fun.


The craziest part was when she unloaded my junior prom dress from her suitcase! What??!

Even more crazy, I fit in it! Boo-ya!! Still got my 16-year-old bod I guess.

Anyway, so we all ran around like Elsa to celebrate.



Then we washed baby dolls.



And Nora wanted to be twins!


We spent one all-nighter decorating one of Michael’s new dermatology clinics. It was a blast!


Zoo day as we melt away…


Discovery center!


And of course, the pool!


I love having her here!


Until next time when we get a real vacation, this summer wasn’t too bad! Thanks to all our visitors for making it SO fun!


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