Pre-K Grad

“I love Oak Tree…it’s the place for me!!”

Carmen sang at the top of her lungs, along with her other pre-k grads. It was too cute for words. I even teared up, because I can’t believe how big she’s getting.

I loved seeing them walk out to the official graduation march…she had been waiting for weeks. She took her place in the front row and carefully watched her teacher for the music prompts.

She stood with her feet together, following directions and every now and then she would glance over at us for approval.

I felt so proud and happy for her. She went through her songs and then she got her diploma. Her teacher announced she wanted to be a mom when she grows up and everyone let out an “aww…”

It meant a lot to me, because that’s what I am. I’m a mom.

Sure I work from home part time…but my kids only know it as “typing on the computer!” haha.

Being a mom is my #1 job and my #1 dream come true. I never realized just how much I would enjoy it.

Carmen is mature beyond her years, and maybe that’s why she gets it too.

There’s truly something special about being a mom.


She asks me when she can have a baby FOR REAL…and what she has to do.

Although that’s for a later date… haha…I love her persistence.



It’s been wonderful to be by grandparents. They’re loving and supportive and make events like these, that much more fun!



Congratulations to my beautiful preschool graduate. I know you worked hard to learn all your letters, write your name in lower case, and now you’re starting to read!

I’m blown away by all you know…and I hope you know most of all, I LOVE BEING YOUR MOM!


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