My sweet grandpa passed away over Easter weekend, and I have to pay tribute to him this memorial day weekend.

He was a true leader, in every sense of the word.

People listened when he spoke, he had more energy than anyone, and he gave it all to his family.

I love him because he grew up without a father figure in his life. This was very rare and frowned upon in his day, and his mother was a saint to raise her family.

She was strong and relied on her faith to get her through. Grandpa took the lessons he learned and created a lasting eternal family that I’m blessed to be part of.

His sweetheart Carmen was my grandmother. Their first date was New Year’s Eve and the romance stayed alive until she passed away. He would spend long hours caring for her, pushing her, and making her laugh.

In his older years his mind suffered, but he stayed sweet and loving.

This is our last picture together.IMG_8805

This is during a visit over the holidays. IMG_8808

I love him. I grew up just down the road from him. He was there singing at the top of his lungs every birthday. He was at my dance recitals. He was at my brother’s sporting events.

He was even the one who sealed my husband I together forever in the temple.

He gave his life to Jesus Christ, and I know he was ready to meet his maker.

I’m so proud to carry on your legacy, grandpa. IMG_9044 As a general in the army, you achieved great rank. You were respected in every endeavor, and most of all by your family.


Memorial Day, 2013


Happy Memorial Day to all those who serve our country selflessly.

God Bless the USA, and God bless my grandpa! I love you.


One response to “Gpa

  1. Hey Jill, it’s another Jill (Shepard) from Bass Lake ward a long time ago. ๐Ÿ™‚ My parents told me when your Grandpa passed away and we will all miss him. I remember him and your Grandma in my ward growing up and how wonderful they were. Every Sunday they would sit and greet people coming into church and I’m sure everyone there felt as personally loved by them as I did. They both just exuded love in a way that has become a lofty goal for me to reach and made a huge impression on me as a teenager.

    I also know that they are very loved by my parents. Your Grandpa was the Bishop when my dad got baptized and my dad would say that he was one of the most influential people in his life and testimony.

    He and Carmen will be missed greatly even by the people like me who just had brief interactions with them. I am very excited for them to be together, healthy, and at home. God bless,

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