IMG_9518I love how each of my daughters have their own unique qualities. It makes life so fun and interesting, and makes me love them. We are constantly talking about what makes a princess…and that beauty is on the inside.

Here’s some notes that I don’t want to forget about their inside beauty.


Carmen, my sweet girl. She’s mature beyond her years. As a toddler spoke like an adult, and has tried to grow up too fast ever since. She loves to be a leader, and enjoys setting the stage for play time. She is sensitive when things aren’t just right, and is easily rattled. She likes to have time alone to cool down, and is very obedient. She is always saying fun things, singing songs, and being sweet. She loves to help, and is very smart.


Nora babe is my little buttercup. She loves attention, and will sit down to snuggle with me if she is really worn out. She is coming up with solutions and new ideas, a real problem-solver. She loves to be funny, giggle, and make silly faces. She is always flipping her hair and playing with it. She loves to be outside riding bikes and playing playdough. She takes good care of her baby dolls, and is really sweet to her sisters. She is very active and it’s hard for her to sit still. She’s reserved around people she doesn’t know but will wrap you with open arms when you win her over.


Afton boo. She’s got eyes that are more beautiful than anything. She is constantly smiling at others, pulling herself up and walking! She knows how to communicate and get what she wants. Crying, moaning or crawling to make sure she’s not forgotten. She rests her head on my shoulder when I tuck her in for nap time, and she says mama and dada. She loves to dance and bobs her head, splashes in the bathtub, and is the best to have around.






happily ever after…


2 responses to “Princess

  1. Ooooh how they have grown… and YES Princess everyone. I do so miss them and being an extra Nana to them. Afton really has big beautiful blue eyes. Her smile will turn everyone to mush. Carmen & Nora are so special and each compliments the other. They are the 3 Sisters to aspire the world and those around them!!! Thanks for the share. I am sure you have heard all the news about new Wards, Bishops & Stake Pres???

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