Sometimes life goes as planned, but what keeps it interesting is when you experience the unexpected.

Here’s our top 5 most unexpected events as of late:

1. Random thunderstorms.

I was only half-way joking when I told my husband I was suffering from seasonal depression. THE RAIN. What is the deal? I know other parts of the country are praying for rain, so the clouds should just blow it all a little west. I love the rain. I love a good stroll in the rain. But lately it’s just been so wet and swampy, it’s sad. I wanted to be outside to enjoy Texas when you’re not sweating to death, and that hasn’t been the case yet this spring. Fingers crossed for sunshine.


cancelled soccer practice


2. Talking to strangers.

It’s ironic because for work I’m currently writing about how to teach your kids about strangers. It’s been common to find us talking to random people for five minutes or more, all the time. It may be that I’m a spectacle with three kids, or it’s just friendly people. The check-out clerk, the old man who is lonely, the lady at Hobby Lobby who grew up with three sisters, etc. etc. I’ve gotten to chat with some great people…so unexpected.


3. Beautiful nature-findings.

I’m all about nature walks. I am trying to teach my girls to get their hands dirty, play with sticks, and enjoy God’s creations. I think it’s good for the soul. Texas doesn’t have too many national parks, waterfalls, or really anything tourist-y when it comes to nature. If it does, please let me know because I missed the memo. Maybe I was spoiled growing up. Anyway, unexpected happy moment was when my husband found this trail in our neighborhood. It led to this amazing view and now I take the girls there often. We even caught a fish! Love it.







our flowers bloomed!

our flowers bloomed!

4. Furniture make-overs.

I love decorating my house. It makes me happy to create a peaceful, pleasant place where the Spirit can dwell and my family can enjoy life together. What I don’t do well is re-thinking things once everything has it’s place. I got some beautiful pieces of hand-me-down furniture that sent me into a whirlwind of painting, refinishing and making this furniture work for my home. I love it, and it turned out unexpectedly well! This is unexpected because I usually lose patience with THINGS. Not so much people, but things. If they’re broken, or if I have to sand something for hours….ahh… but I did it. And my it passed my husband’s test. score.


5. Unexpected cranky pants

We’ve had a small spurt of sickness in our house. I’m thankful this is a rare occurrence, but man, sick kids are just so sad. It’s totally thrown me off. We’ve had some diarrhea which is gross and we’ve been wiping lots of bottoms and taking a lot of baths. Then my baby has either been sick or teething for awhile, runny nose and all that jazz. I’ve been in touch with the nurse, but it’s just heartbreaking to see my giggly girl so upset. Doesn’t get easier, even with child #3.





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