Glory Days

So the common question is, “How are things after the move?”

Moving is not fun. Let me join the club of haters when I say it is miserable.

With the number of people that have to move in this world, I say we streamline the process and get some genius folks on board and we will all be a little happier!

As a side note, I’ve moved every time I had a baby. Not intentional…so the napping/sleeping/packing situation is not the best.

My babies are not fond of the sound of packing tape (go figure) being ripped and attached to hundreds of boxes.

So here we are, we made it!


Our crew in front of our new house. It was such a happy day, and I will never forget it…

There were so many sleepless nights wondering if our old house would sell, where we would go, and what would feel like home again soon.

Boxes were unpacked and we were settled within a couple weeks… just thanks to my complex that I can’t have anything hanging over my head for more than a day.. ๐Ÿ˜‰


We even smiled along the way!

We’re here.

Then the next question we get is, “How does it feel to be in Michael’s hometown?”

It’s great…that’s why this is dedicated to the GLORY DAYS!

It’s so funny to hear how much things have changed over the 10 years or so he’s been gone.

He’s been able to spend time at his parent’s house, back in “his spot” that he would watch hours and hours of ESPN…

Hence, the glory days…

IMG_6651We’ve been able to run around and shoot baskets with the girls at the ol’ church gym.


He was even able to play in a basketball tournament…all day…tons of games…. and came in 3rd place with respectable competition. Some even former pro’s showed up.


But what I liked most of all was rolling in to Michael’s old high school with the kids.

Nothing makes you feel old like going to a high school sporting event.

Sure, it was just a few years ago…wait how many years…2, 3, no…10 years?? ahh..

It was hilarious watching him push the stroller…I’m not sure why but I just loved it.


Then he wanted to show me around campus. haha… glory days…



I’ve enjoyed the perks that come from hometown living. Lots of people are kind to us, know our family, and even got us some awesome freebies at this AMAZING restaurant in town, because “he knows a guy who knows a guy…”

We make this town look good!


So as much as it feel strange to be back in Michael’s hometown, nothing feels stranger than having an office with CEO written on the door. I had to buy this clock and a few decorations the other weekend on a whim.

The bookcases were overwhelmingly bare! I can’t believe he sits here all day every day, doin’ work!



Meanwhile we’ve left some beauties behind….

We made a quick weekend trip to make sure people don’t forget about us.

We celebrated a friend’s birthday at Top Golf in Austin, and had a blast.

IMG_8139Nothing like good friends and tons of crazy kids and FOOD!


Someday we’ll look back and make new “Glory days.” I love raising my children here. It’s beautiful, the perfect size, and it’s feeling more and more like home.IMG_8118 Here’s to many more glory days ahead!


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