I am convinced I have some of the sweetest daughters on the planet… They say little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice, and today, well that was true.

This is Carmen, and Paige her doll.

She loves Paige more than anything. She got her dressed in fancy white to come to church with us. She is so tender and motherly with her and is so rewarding to watch her tend to her baby.





Now that my daughters are obsessed with baby dolls, I get a pretty good insight about how they perceive motherhood. They are constantly packing diaper bags, gathering random items, and strolling their babies around.

Today, Carmen told me something special.

“Mom, I decided I want to be a singer when I’m eight.” (8 years old is very old in her mind…)

“That’s great, Carmen!”

“And then when I’m like…your age…I want to be a mom! But I want to have a boy baby and a girl baby, so two babies.”

“What will you do when you’re a mom?”

“Well, organize things. And take care of my babies. And type on the computer…” :/

Guilty… Well, this is a common conversation…Carmen often talks about her life as a mom, but what got me is what she said in the other room minutes later.

“Mom!! Mom!!! I decided what else I can do when I’m a mom.”

“What is that Carmen?”

“I can go shopping and buy earrings!”

This little girl is growing up too fast. I can’t wait to see the wonderful, strong, caring mom she will become one day.


Being a mom is truly my greatest joy in life. I’ve learned so much about myself, what really matters, and God’s plan for families.

Yes Carmen, when you are a mom you can even buy earrings.

I love you sweet girl.




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