“Oh somebody’s had a birthday!”

It’s the start of an almost never-ending birthday song, introduced by the Tuttles.

So here I am, “another year older and wiser too!”

It was the perfect day, breakfast in bed and the works.  IMG_8349

But birthdays are less about getting older and looking back, than it’s about making the most in the years to come. For me, I don’t feel as old as I am. I feel like I’m still that same girl at the core, just with a few experiences in between.

My core feels the same, and I know when my life comes to an end, I’ll say…oh man, it’s over already?

Life is so compact in these early years. I can’t imagine what life is like living from 50–80. I hope I’m dedicated to service, new learning, and kissing a lot of grandbabies.

Here is my dear, sweet grandpa. He has sung that birthday song to me countless times. He has a pep in his step, and is always wearing Cougar blue.

This is the last picture I’ll have with him before he passes on. He is a hero in my eyes. He is a man who truly lived.



So birthdays aren’t about getting older, they’re about getting better.

That means I have a lot to reflect on for my next year of life. I want to look back and say, wow, look what I was able to do in just a year’s time?

No, not worldly accomplishments. I don’t need to run my half marathon quite yet, get my masters, or even burn out on my freelance work. Sure, those things are nice, but that’s not why I’m here on earth having birthdays.

I feel like this year I need to be more present. I’m always a step ahead…What’s for lunch, the next hour we’ll need to, be sure to set out this or that… It’s the halmark of a mom and what makes me very successful.

But then there are times I need to just be.

Like, with this sweet thing.

IMG_7257Every Tuesday and Thursday we have mom school. I help her gain confidence and I teach her from  my school box. I give her time alone with me to do whatever she’d like.

It’s hard being in the middle. She’s special, and I love my Nora time.

She likes to call it “mom school.”

No, I’m not going to homeschool anytime soon, but what I have realized is it is healthy for me to just BE sometimes.

Some people have no problem with that. Naps, sleeping in, moving the laundry pile over… hakuna matata. Not me. It’s a blessing and a curse, and this next year, I want to be engaged. I want to be ALL there. Mentally, physically and emotionally.





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