My Afton girl.

She’s my porcelain doll, and there is nothing better than the sound of her giggle.

So it’s true. Most days I don’t have enough hands to properly care for everything that needs to be done, all at the same time. But my favorite thing in the world, is this little baby right here.

She’s literally perfect.



So little sweetie. I’m sorry if I dress you in round three hand-me-downs, and don’t take a monthly pic of you dressed all perfect. I can tell you, most days you do have a smile on your face and a bow in your hair.



But these eyes…IMG_7172

My baby blue eyes that just see right through me. I love it. I love your cheeks, your sweet soft skin and the fact I get to hug and kiss you anytime I want.


You giggle and laugh, and you make the routine moments of life so meaningful. You open my eyes to what it means to love. I fall in love with your smile every time I catch your eye from the other room. I love it when you cry out “mama” from the other room and crawl desperately to find me.

Your giggle is contagious and lightens the mood every time. Your sisters adore you, kiss your tummy, and help you walk around. You sometimes stress them out when you try to eat their paper or play with their toys. That’s ok.



You prefer bath time alone for that reason..sometimes three’s a crowd. I’m pretty sure lotion-ed cleaned babies are in heaven…I’m just saying…That brown hair still makes me so, so happy.


Thank you sweet Afton for coming to our family, to me. I love you more than you’ll ever know.



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