Princesses are all the craze these days…

Well, hasn’t it been like that for a number of years now?

You can blame the media, marketing or anyone in between…there’s no denying the fact that girls love princesses. If you don’t believe it, you must have missed the thousands of Elsas that came trick-or-treating, or just have a sad view of reality.

Here are a couple of my princesses dressed up to see Cinderella at the theater.


I don’t mind feeding into it all… Yes, they’re princesses. They’re of royal birth and they’re more precious than anything. I want them to grow up with a strong inner strength and eternal destiny. I want them to feel special, pampered, loved, and responsible. I want them to know they are important.

That’s why I especially loved the new “real” Cinderella movie.

Cinderella has been a long favorite of mine. Sure she was submissive, the love story was unrealistic, and maybe it didn’t portray her with the brightest brain…but know why she was/is my favorite?

She is kind.

That is the true heart of a princess. She is kind.

What I loved about this movie, though, is they added the COURAGE part.

See Life Lessons from a Modern Day Cinderella

I was in tears when Ella’s mother looked at her with deep love before she died and counseled her to “have courage and be kind.”

It was brilliant marketing, (again, right?). People were quoting that line everywhere and it gave them a “takeaway message” to campaign on. Get over all that hublah, and just be happy for a minute that there was a movie that actually had a solid take-home message. One for girls, parents and anyone that saw the film.

We could all use a little courage and kindness.

Here’s my sweet sister who was a real-life princess on her wedding day in March.



Me and my prince charming with our enchanted backdrop.


My best friend from childhood, who truly is the most princess-like person I know. So kind, so sincere, so thoughtful and just so, so good. We all need a true friend in life. Not just the BFFFFLLEEVVE (That’s not a real thing, but you get my point.) But the ones you can call crying because they just know you.IMG_8011


My sweet mom and my sweet Afton. These brunette beauties are certainly special. My mom taught me elegance, grace and countless other princess qualities. IMG_7972


My brothers. Who have always treated me with the respect of a princess. They’ve been courageous, fighting demons, dragons and making countless sacrifices to find love. They are real men, deserving of courageous women.



My sweet Nora Jane turned 3. If this isn’t the cutest, I don’t know what is.IMG_6813 IMG_6889

Then we did something that is so taboo in parenthood. Took our daughters out in public in their dress up clothes. It was date night, and hey, that’s part of being a kid. It was so fun. They felt so special. I loved watching them spin around, laugh and talk to everyone because of their inner confidence and feeling of something different that night. IMG_7059  IMG_6189

To all the Cinderella lovers out there, what did you think?

See some little-known facts about the original Cinderella.


Tell me what you think!

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