So, update. I had a baby 5 months ago. Life has been a little crazy since then, but I can tell you…my little girl is a blessing.

Afton Marie has been there to fill my life with quiet moments.

She needs me, she loves me, and gives me the biggest smiles.

When I feel like things are out of control, she’s there to let me just hold her, nurse her, or snuggle.

The other day I saw this picture pop up on my computer screen saver, and I just died. She is pure beauty.



It’s now my desktop background, and those eyes get me every time.

I think now that she’s my third baby, I’m getting even more sad to see her grow.

With the first, it was so exciting. Counting down the days until I could put her in new outfits, or have her try solid foods.

Now I just want my babies to stay little forever.

As I hold her on my body, her legs dangle off of me. What happened to my newborn?

Time goes SO fast when you have a baby, especially the first year.

Afton is sitting up, turning over, smiling, giggling, eating, and cooing.

She is absolute perfection, except at 2am. 😉

1 month old…IMG_4703


6 weeks…


This was her on her blessing day…also the first day she smiled…sorry about the double chin Afton…



Then at 2 months…




3 months…




4 months…




5 months…


First time trying rice cereal…


…and so many smiles along the way. She is truly my Sweet Afton baby…as Carmen calls her!




She loves attention, and chillin on the couch….IMG_5381

Throwing it back to a dress I used to wear…




American Girl doll story…my perfect baby!IMG_3466


Loves being outside!IMG_3535


Loves tummy time!IMG_3903


Loves hanging out in her car seat, but never naps there… :/





Smiling at me while I type on the computer…IMG_4172

Trying out Halloween costumes! haha


Loved by her sisters…


My perfect partner for selfies! haha.IMG_4209I love you forever sweet girl. You fill my life with so much joy.

Everyone that meets you comments on your dark hair and happy smile. You love to be held and giggle and talk to me all day long. You  like to be in the action–taking baths with your sisters, and sitting up with us for dinner and meals. You have the perfect cheeks I kiss all day, and perfect lips. You love to suck on your fingers and try so hard to put your pacifier back in yourself. I can already tell you will have a great temperament and be so much fun to have in our family. Thanks for making me smile every day.



Also, I think the reason people are so crazy about their kids… is because as we learn how to raise our children, we are becoming more Christlike. Yes, we are also becoming crazy, scarred with stretch marks and eye bags, but we are forever changed. I’ve learned more about my Heavenly Father in raising my daughters than I ever could from my scholarly study of the scriptures. Christ loves the children, and the days when it’s too much…when I throw my hands up…I try to get on my knees and ask for help. Because He’s there, and He loves them. It’s the perfect plan, and parenting is a vital part in that plan.

Thanks to this plan, Heavenly Father has entrusted me with this sweet girl, and I am thrilled about it.

And sweet Afton, if you can’t stay little forever, then maybe I better get used to this growing up stuff!



2 responses to “Little

  1. What a beautiful special little spirit. She is really happy and that is because of having so many people loving her. I too would love to kiss your wonderful little checks and laugh long, loud, and yes tell we wet our diaper or pants, whichever is the case. So lots of XOXOXOXOXOX; Afton and hope to see you gnawing on old toms leg, having a ball in the next set of pics. Happy Turkey Bird Day Taylors from K ^i^

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