People always say, moving is hard.

I thought for someone who loves to organize, plan, arrange, decorate, and DO…that moving would be a fun adventure…

I kept busy packing boxes for awhile, but some where in the middle of it all, it hit me.

I’m really leaving.

People would say, “We are really going to miss you…” and yes, I’m sure they would.

But their lives would carry on, they would be living the same life…just without me. They would still have friends, regular activities, events, and the same church family…

What I didn’t realize is just how much I would really miss them.

I’ve always had great friends, and I treasure my friendships. I keep in touch with many over the years, and it’s made me a better person. There’s nothing like calling up a girlfriend just to chat and catch up. I always feel uplifted and happy.

Now, I plan to build on that network of friends. I knew I would have lasting relationships, but what I would really miss are my day-to-day associations with these people.

What about the friends that you don’t get to call everyday?

What about the ones you would chat with at a Relief Society activity? Or ran into as you were dropping off kids?

These are the smiles, the people I miss.

This image has been on my mind…



She’s looking back…but holding a light.

I have a lot to look back on. So many friends and wonderful people.

My husband reminds me, when we moved I didn’t know anyone….I know that friendships take time to develop.

But..there’s a part of me that is really sad that I left so many wonderful people back in Temple.

As a “going away gift” and a way for me to cope with things, I gave a few friends a small KEY.

I hoped that they could put it in their house somewhere as a decoration, to leave a piece of me behind. I wanted to share my testimony that I don’t know what’s on the other side of the door, but I have to walk through it.

That’s the KEY>faith, is the key.

It’s been one of the most challenging things for me…but I’m reassured that these people can come with me.


Here’s Mandy…

She’s the most genuine person you’ll meet. She’s gorgeous on the inside and a loyal friend. She’s in just about everyone’s wedding, and always planning a baby shower. That’s because everyone that meets her, considers her a dear friend. She’s strong, smart and fun to be around. I loved laughing with her on the boat, or just relaxing with her in the TV room as she took a break, halfway done blow drying her hair. She’s a great mom to Brax and deserves to have 100 babies. I love her…



Then there’s Amy, Amy and Kelly. These girls will make you laugh until you pee your pants. They are full of fun, laughter and just so easy to talk to. Amy C is an all-star mom with the best kids. The first Sunday I came to church her little boy sang at the top of his lungs with such confidence in the Primary Program I thought, WOW! And there’s no surprise, because his mom raised him to be so awesome. She’s great. Amy E is just happy. She’s always saying sorry, even though she has nothing to be sorry about. Like, it’s ok that my kids had M&M’s and marshmellows at her house…that’s what makes a tea party fun!! She is happy and helpful and always willing to pitch in and help. Then there’s Kelly. She introduced me to extra large sodas at Cefo and is seriously an amazing golfer. She has 5 kids and isn’t much older than me, and is the ultimate, “no sweat” mama! She loves her calling as a mother and it shows!




Jacklyn in the pink is from Tyler area. Her son and Carmen played soccer together and I loved chatting with her. She was always willing to put on her tennis shoes and watch out for ant piles… She was fun to talk to and I hope we get to see her out here sometime.

Whitney is full of light. She is so kind, sweet, talented and can basically do everything. I love her humility her grace and her love for others. Only knowing her for a short while, she made me want to be a better person.



Here’s Amy again, because I just love her. And the chair…we took the picture for the chair..;-)


Then here’s Juli. She has a little girl Carmen’s age and they were BFF’s from the moment I said princess movies. She has the best imagination, creativity, and spunk for life. She’s always planning parties and making the most of her husband’s crazy surgery schedule. She rarely complains, and is always there if I need someone. I can’t wait to meet her baby girl, and I wish I was there to watch your kiddos for you! You’ve touched my life forever Juli!



Kimberly and Melanie…always the best and a wonderful face to see at any playgroup! I loved talking with them, and they had great tips about the area. I loved being around them, and they always made me happy!



Devenee…you’re the best. Thanks for the sweet “elephant never forgets” necklace. I wear it all the time and consider it a true treasure. I hope you never forget what you mean to me. Ok, now I feel like I’m writing in a year book. Anyway, thanks for having me over, making amazing rolls, starting up Sips n’ Sweets so we can indulge, and for always making me smile.


Brianne, you’re a gem. Your little girl is so lucky to have you. You moved in and jumped right into the action. Always there at playgroup or music makers, even if it was just you and me! I’m sorry you had to witness Carmen stuck in the rocket when I was 9mo. pregnant, and for that… you will always be one I smile when thinking about!! Plus, you taught me how to use a skill saw on my last day in Temple!



Sweet Jenni..I love you. Thanks for making my calling a true joy. You and Gretchen are my soulmates, when it comes to getting things done and being there. You’re so reliable, kind and what it really means to be a friend. You lift me up, you care…you’re always there. I felt like I could be myself…even if you stop in and I’m in my jammies, or we are on a walk and my kids are crazy. I wish Nora and Adelyn could still play together…and I wish you happy adventures. Thanks for getting my mail 😉


There we have it…. just a few of my dear friends. Every single person in Temple has touched my life.

I will miss everyone. To my sisters in Relief Society, I love you. Serving in the same calling for 3 years was the best! I felt like I could connect with so many of you, and I hope you felt that. I’m glad we have social media now, so we can stay in touch.

Like I said, everyone will carry on with life, but remember, I’m taking you with me. You’ve built who I am today, and you’re not going anywhere soon.

“This is what he’s figured out: You can let people slip away, and try to forget — or, if you choose, you can bring them with you.”


So why this quote? It’s from Ryan Anderson… He’s one of my classmates and friends from high school that made it big in the NBA. He’s the most down-to-earth guy, and truly a man of character. He has great faith, family and I was happy for him and the success of his career.


click to see story

A year ago, his girlfriend Gia (former Bachelor contestant) committed suicide after a fight, and I couldn’t believe it when I heard the news. I tried to find out anything I could…I pictured Ryan just in shambles, as I couldn’t imagine walking in to such a horrific sight.

Read his story here.

He approached Sports Illustrated and offered to tell his story. It was recently published, and it is truly inspiring. He told it all…and it was written so well. It captures the reality of the emotion, turmoil and heartache that he went through.

By the end of the story, the very last line read: “This is what he’s figured out: You can let people slip away, and try to forget — or, if you choose, you can bring them with you.”

That’s when I thought of my friends. That’s when after reading 3 pages of Ryan’s heartbreaking story…I realized such a valuable life lesson…you can bring people with you.

And he had a much harder load to carry…breaking his neck and losing his girlfriend is not even comparable to me moving… but hey.

So, even though I’m moving to a new place…I hope to bring these dear friends with me. I want them to stay a part of me for the rest of my life.

I found my happy place in Temple, TX…and it’s shown me what great friendships can be like.




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