Dear Future Buyer of 432 Weeping Willow Drive,

It’s me. The mom. The “heart of the home.” I’m writing to you, and I want to be real.

Here’s the deal.

My husband got recruited for a new job. A great job back in his home town. It turned our world upside-down, and now we’re here.

432 Weeping Willow is now on the market.


It’s for sale, and it’s official. (Link to our Listing)

MLS Listing of 432 Weeping Willow Dr. Temple, TX

MLS Listing of 432 Weeping Willow Dr. Temple, TX


You would think that we are overjoyed by this new opportunity. A chance to expand professionally and move closer to family. We are. We recognize God’s hand in our lives, but guess what?

Moving is hard.

But you know that. You’re moving into our home. You will be going through a time of transition, a time of change for yourself as well.

The funny thing about change is that it sounds so big and scary… Like some major event.

The reality is, change happens slowly…. So slowly in fact, that we rarely realize the change at all.

Sure, some changes are big and sudden, but everything takes time to adjust.

Moving out of 432 Weeping Willow is one of those changes.

Moving is hard. I’m sure as you start to unpack some boxes, you may notice a few things.

I hope you love the huge storage shed in the back yard. It fit my husband’s first lawn mower.

I bought it off Craigslist and surprised him one day. He didn’t realize it would soon become his best friend every Saturday.

It’s funny when you care for something, how much love you feel for it. I guess you could say my husband feels a little connected to that yard.

Just don’t be upset when you realize that you have to mow by the walkway too! But when you’re done, you’ll be glad you can roll that thing in the shed and your garage won’t smell like gasoline, and you can actually fit two cars in your two car garage!

I’m sure you noticed the playground.

Oh, the playground. We stained it one sunny day in May. We replaced the seat swings after a birthday party when things got a little crazy. My girls would swing back and forth on that teeter-totter, usually in their PJs. They loved that swing set.

We would camp out up top and have picnics together.

I hope you have kids who will enjoy it just as much. I hope you don’t rip it up or think it’s a pain.

Before we moved in, I often dreamed of my kids playing on that play place, while I relaxed out on the pergola.

Granted, it’s Texas so the BBQs and relaxing outside was usually a spring/fall activity, but nonetheless, memories were made.

I hope you like the rosebushes.

My girls would help me trim them, weed them, occasionally spilling sod on the sidewalk. People would drive by and I would wave…

I hope you enjoy the touch of color that comes when the flowers bloom. They remind me of my mom who helped me plant them.

Maybe you like to garden too…I sure hope they don’t turn back to the weed patch they once were.

I hope you like our beautiful entry way. I loved walking into a room full of light.

We snuggled on that couch together and said a number of prayers together as a family.

We read the Bible together and my children learned right from wrong. When we had visitors, they had to learn to sit still.

I wonder what it will turn into. Some neighbors have a pool table, others a quilting room… it’s a beautiful room and a perfect way to welcome you home.

Oh, the TV room.

I hope that you discovered we ran the cable through the carpet for you, in order to make the room make sense. I hope  you can laugh together, cry together, and fall asleep on your sofa, just as we’ve done in that room.

The kitchen… I love it. I loved looking into the backyard, into the TV room, and having it as the heart of my home. We had goldfish crackers fall off the counter, learned how to make chocolate chip cookies together. I’ve wiped off the messy smudges for you… I hope they aren’t lingering on my fridge, or on the oven.

I had lots of little hands and helpers. I hope you have some too, because there can never be too many cooks in the kitchen!

The bedrooms… a time to sleep, relax and to push “restart.”

As a young mom, we had to do this a time or two. We would snuggle and read a library book together. Didn’t matter if it was Fancy Nancy or Cat in the Hat … we were together. After a long day, we needed to rest. Sometimes bedtime was a battleground, but most of the time…filled with love.

I hope you can use the bedrooms for a chance to rest, recharge and begin again.

The office was a fun place. Full of light and lots of room. I often had little artists by my side as I typed on the computer or did my work. I had munchkins crawling on me, or looking out the big windows to see dad coming home. Or… wishing they were across the street at our neighborhood pool.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy the pool. We loved walking there and feeling like it was there…just for us. It’s where my girls learned how to be brave.

They jumped into the deep end, went underwater for the first time, cheered and played.

Please enjoy the pool, and be sure to hang onto those pool keys…they’re $50 to replace! 😉

It’s a little piece of heaven…that 432 Weeping Willow.

I love my home, but more than that, I love the people who make it a home.
Change is hard. The uncertainty is hard.

I just pray that you will come, see our home and feel of the Spirit that’s here.

We need a buyer…but most of all, we need someone who will love and care for this home as we did.

You see, we found it…empty, abandoned and on the market for some time. It had a simple cross hanging on the wall, and we made it our own.

Dear buyers of 432 Weeping Willow… I love you.

I pass the baton on to you as you scrub those baseboards and continue living in such a special place.


And remember, change happens slowly…this home will slowly change and it will feel like home to you.

Maybe someday you will have to move on, and it may be just as hard for you.

Maybe in 20 years I’ll come back to Temple with my children and drive by.

I’ll tell them…this is where I brought you home from the hospital. We pulled in, laid you in your bed and you grew.

You learned, you fell, you laughed, you cried…

You were changed here.

432 Weeping Willow changed us.

I hope it changes you and yours for the better.

I will never forget it.

Because really, it’s been 13 years since 9-11 and I vow to “never forget” that sacred day as well.  Our nation had flags on every car, and now we have complainers on every corner. Let’s remember the bond we share, as Americans, as friends,

and to you, let’s remember our unspoken bond as residents of 432 Weeping Willow Drive.


May God bless you, every one.

Please share this if able, as we are looking to sale our sweet home. ❤

(Link to our Listing)

–Nearly 2,000 sq. feet
–BELTON Isd… The best!
–NEW elementary school in the neighborhood! Walking distance!
–No traffic in front of house!
–Formal living room
–Formal dining room
–Wired for cable/satellite
–NEST learning thermostat saves on utilities and can operate remotely
–Open concept living
–Hugh family room with fireplace
–Corner lot with lots of natural light
–Big lot with great neighbors
–Sprinklers and well-maintained lawn and flower garden
–Built out patio and pergola with new stain and a full shade tarp for comfortable outdoor entertaining
–New outdoor ceiling fan
–Cul de sac
–Walking distance to neighborhood pool and play set
–Huge storage shed
–Two car garage with built in storage shelving!
–New Benjamin Moore paint throughout whole house
–New updated faucets throughout house
–Huge breakfast nook, has plenty of room to entertain… Fits our 8-person table with room to spare!
–Huge master bedroom with high ceilings
–Master bath has TWO huge closets, standing shower, bathtub
–Kitchen is gorgeous with a ton of counter space and open concept to entertain
–New microwave, Whirlpool Gold appliances
–Office has gorgeous French doors and lots of natural light
–Bedrooms with great closets
–Nice counter space in second bathroom
–Nice flow and use of space throughout the house
–10 minutes to Scott & White
–15-20 minutes to Fort Hood
–Growing part of town!
–Come see!




3 responses to “Change

  1. Oh Jill! I know how it feels! You’re so good to write down all these memories so you won’t forget, I need to do that more. You’ll find another special place because The Lord is leading your family. Love you! Hang in there during the transition!

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