Here’s a picture of me.

Fun with Friends Preschool, somewhere in the early 90s.



Some of my earliest memories are there. For some reason I remember a girl who wouldn’t share the “My Little Ponies” and her name was Claire. That’s about as far back as my memory takes me.

I remember my teacher, Miss Glenda. She knew everything.

She was special, sweet, and perfect.

I remember my cubby. I remember seeing my name on it, thinking that was the coolest thing.

I felt like I belonged, and I loved it.

Now here are my two little girls.

My heart is literally out walking around…


Nora and Carmen both start preschool today.

Carmen is doing a Pre-K program two days a week at a nearby church.




  • Stoked that I bought her new socks to wear for the playground. They have an indoor playplace so it’s a rule…and she has never loved socks so much
  • She packed her backpack like a week ago
  • She bought a new pink water bottle to bring for school, and put star stickers all over it
  • Requested turkey, chips and a dessert for lunch
  • Says she will be a good helper to the teacher
  • Didn’t know what “follow directions” meant, so I made sure we covered that before today
  • Literally woke up out of bed at the crack of dawn, backpack on and ready to go
  • Let me curl her hair and posed for pictures like a champ
  • Asked me what I was going to do all day. I said, “I don’t know, but I’m going to miss you!!” She said, “Maybe you can feed Afton and type on the computer…” haha… good call, Carmen
  • Ran into her classroom and didn’t look back…she’s ready!



Nora is doing a small preschool for 2-3 yr olds at a young lady’s house two days a week as well.



  • Has class with about 5 other kids and she’s excited
  • Didn’t cry when I dropped her off
  • Put a few extra treasures in her backpack
  • Was excited about the pockets in her dress
  • Stressed out when I had to take her backpack off to get in the carseat
  • Put her hands in her mouth (nervous sign) when I said goodbye
  • Was excited about her backpack and kept telling Carmen about her school
  • Said “cheeseburgers” when smiling for pictures
  • Asked if Afton is going to school too
  • She was excited!!!


They were both soo ready…


Now, here’s Michael and me around that same age…

We were so little!!



I can’t imagine how our parents felt sending us off to school.

It’s such a scary time…

  • Will someone be mean to you?
  • Will you like your teacher?
  • Will you remember your manners?
  • Will you stand for what’s right?
  • How will you do?
  • Will you get tired?
  • What will you learn?
  • Who will you play with?
  • Will someone be there to wipe your nose?
  • What if you get lost?
  • What if you need to go to the bathroom?
  • Will you miss me?
  • Are you ready for this?

And then BAM, it happens…

High school graduation…


I can’t believe how far I’ve come, even since then. I remember my first day of school, many times. I remember I always wore something special, I wondered about my classes, but I was always excited.

I loved school. I love learning, and I feel so blessed to have such a solid education.

My parents instilled in me a discipline and a dedication to learning.

I remember the feeling four years ago when I got to walk in my college graduation with Michael. We were married, expecting Carmen just a few months later.

I remember wondering, is this IT? Am I done with school?

I was a little sad, to be honest. My personality did well in a school setting.

Deadlines, projects, always something to do. New teachers, classes, group projects…. I could have stayed in school forever.

But I am… I’m still in school.

Big time.


I didn’t realize that hanging up my cap and gown would start the hardest school of all…LIFE.

I’m reliving all of those experiences, but through different eyes…

The eyes of my kids.

I’m going to preschool again today…

It’s just a little different.

I can’t wait to see my girls thrive and learn new experiences.

and hey, a mom can use a break once in awhile! ๐Ÿ™‚

I feel so honored to have the chance to use my education, discipline and knowledge to teach my children, serve those around me, work from home, and build our family unit. It’s been a tremendous journey…and man, I can’t believe I’m doing it.

I don’t get to buy school supplies or new books…but I’m certainly learning more and more each day about the true purpose and meaning of life.

Here’s to a great first day!






2 responses to “School

  1. Jill this was so beautifully written!!! I had so much fun reading it and remembering you when you were a little girl. You are such an amazing sister and an even better example. Miss you and the girls!!

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