Let me tell you, birthday parties are fun.

They’re especially fun when you are 4 years old. I think it is such a wonderful age.

I remember babysitting kids and my favorite age was the 3-4 year olds. They can talk, have big personalities, and still have an air of innocence.

So, when my cute little Carmen wanted a birthday party, she started dreaming months ago.

Most of her friends were into FROZEN and so for awhile that’s what she wanted too.

Then it changed to a dog party, a cheetah party and all kinds of crazy ideas.

Then it came to us… a circus party!


Carmen loves doing “acrobatic tricks” so it was perfect…



She had quite the party, and we had so much fun planning it!

IMG_6623My parents and Michael’s parents came into town. They made it extra fun!



Nora in her cute clown nose… Michael dressed up like a clown and even juggled for the kids.  What a cool dad!


He was really good, and even painted his face!!


Funniest thing, is that his parents showed up DRESSED LIKE CLOWNS!! haha.. We had NO idea, and it was hilarious. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!Carmen2


Sweet Nora was a great sport despite Carmen getting A LOT of attention.


Tons of friends, fun and smiles…


Special thanks to our awesome neighbor for providing the bounce water fun!!



We love you sweet Carmen…



A little about Carmen:

  •  She’s a great daughter that wants to do what’s right
  • She loves to get dressed for the day and do her own hair
  • She loves to be outside and can pump  her legs all by herself
  • Every day she asks, “What are we going to do today mom?” She likes to have a plan!
  • She is a good example to her sisters
  • She loves anything social…playgroups, church
  • She sneaks my phone and calls family on Facetime before I wake up
  • She is a really good artist, and enjoys coloring
  • She can write her name and is very smart
  • Sometimes we get a little dramatic and overly sensitive
  • Whenever there’s a chance to lead, she jumps right in
  • She has a great imagination and can think of the most fun games
  • She always has her nails painted and carries a purse with all types of treasures
  • She’s very mature for her age and a joy to have around
  • She’s learning manners, like not telling people their house is messy
  • She likes to pretend to type on her computer and “do work like mom”
  • She is excited for pre-K and is growing up way too fast!




Can’t believe you’re 4!!!









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