Freedom and Family…

Two of the biggest blessings.

We have a man that bears his testimony almost every fast Sunday at church.

He has a handlebar mustache, boots, white hair and the whole getup.

He starts off bearing testimony of the gospel and his gratitude…and then by then end he always talks about the blessings of freedom, our founding fathers, and our country.

Of course it can feel a little preachy, or even a little TOO Texas for me, but sometimes I really try to listen.

I realize I do take for granted all of the freedoms I enjoy.

I love America, and I loved celebrating with family and friends.

We watched the history of “The Star Spangled Banner” on YouTube…. here…

I was amazed of the history behind the song. Bombs were bursting and they put so much faith into this flag…

They were committed to a cause. They were probably crazy, and I’m happy they stepped outside the box.

I’m a rule-follower, so if it was up to me, we’d probably still be under British rule. I’m glad people are brave enough to stand for what’s right.

Maybe I would be as committed to freedom as I am now, and push the limits…who knows.

But what I do know, is that I’m thankful for this country…

Hope you had a Happy 4th.




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