Jesus Christ in Gethsemane

Check out this interesting exercise from David Kerpen


Think about your biggest weaknesses at work and in life. What qualities are you most unhappy about?

 Of the following list of 16 typical weaknesses, look carefully and choose the three that resonate most with you:

1) Disorganized
2) Inflexible
3) Stubborn
4) Inconsistent
5) Obnoxious
6) Emotionless
7) Shy
8) Irresponsible
9) Boring
10) Unrealistic
11) Negative
12) Intimidating
13) Weak
14) Arrogant
15) Indecisive
16) Impatient

Got your three biggest weaknesses? Great. (Don’t be too depressed, the rest of this activity is more fun). Next, look at the below list, find the same three weaknesses, and look at the traits to the right of each of your three biggest weaknesses:

1) Disorganized —> Creative
2) Inflexible —> Organized
3) Stubborn —> Dedicated
4) Inconsistent —> Flexible
5) Obnoxious —> Enthusiastic
6) Emotionless —> Calm
7) Shy —> Reflective
8) Irresponsible —> Adventurous
9) Boring —> Responsible
10) Unrealistic —> Positive
11) Negative —> Realistic
12) Intimidating —> Assertive
13) Weak —> Humble
14) Arrogant —> Self-Confident
15) Indecisive —> Patient
16) Impatient —> Passionate

The three qualities to the right of your three weaknesses are all strengths.

Hidden in your weaknesses are your strengths.

Every weakness has a corresponding strength.

The idea here is simple: Instead of trying to change your weaknesses, accept them. Don’t try to fix them – it’s too difficult. Instead, be sure to leverage your associated strengths. You can look to colleagues, direct reports, and even supervisors to fill in the gaps where you are weakest. Don’t be afraid to ask people for help- they can add value where you are weaker. But be sure to embrace your strengths, and build upon them. After all, your strengths (even those disguised as weaknesses) – will get you far in your career, and in life.


It reminds me of the scripture in Ether:


I remember my dad teaching me about this scripture… That before weak things become strong, you first have to have 3 HUMBLES and a FAITH…

That means that our weaknesses don’t change overnight. It takes time, humility and the Lord’s help.

We have to have faith, it’s required of all of us in order to change. We have to believe that we can be something different.

It would be so sad to believe, we’re stuck as we are. That, “well, that’s just the way I am…” This isn’t the Lord’s plan.

We can be different and we should all be striving to be better. One step at a time.

People often think of this scripture, “Oh yeah, weak things can be made strong…” But don’t forget, it takes the 3 humbles and a faith FIRST!!

Then, the scripture states  for all those who humble themselves, they are blessed with the GRACE. The ennobling power given by the Lord.







I know we can change…that even though our strengths are masked within our weaknesses, we can overcome all through the Atonement.

What a beautiful thing.



I known having kids can show you your weaknesses real quick.

You’re unorganized…times it by 100 when you have kids!

You have a temper?…again, times it by 100.

That’s the beauty…kids push you to your limits so you can become perfected.

You’re able to work on what you need to work on, because these little Spirits are sweet, forgiving and will love you no matter what.

I know that I’m trying to be a more FUN mom…hence the BORING weakness…aka responsible.

I know they’ll appreciate that strength in a long run, but do you ever hear a kid say, “Wow, I just love my mom. She was so RESPONSIBLE…”

I’m pretty sure it goes, “Wow, I just love my mom. She was so FUN!”

But guess what, being a fun mom takes work.

Going to the pool, playing Barbies, laughing and playing with the hose, tickle fights and ice cream runs…sometimes I just want a nap and be boring. haha.

Plus, it’s not just about going fun places or creating fun activities, it’s about being present, in the moment kind of fun…

Anyway, I love my life and my kiddos. They’re adorable and also so special.

Turns out my newborn sleeps better than my toddlers, so we’ll work on that and then I’ll love them just a little more! 😉

Thanks Michael for sharing this article with me, for filling in the gaps where I’m weak and for laughing with me when we both don’t sleep…


I love you.







2 responses to “Weakness

  1. I really love this post!! This is what life is all about…changing weaknesses to strengths. Love what you said about 3 humbles and a grace before it changes. Thx for being such an example Jilly!!!!

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