Sweet Afton Marie has arrived to our family. June 6th.. a little piece of heaven.




It was a crazy birth story…


First of all, Michael was scheduled to get his cast off from his ankle surgery on Friday morning, June 6th. He called and got his apt moved to Wednesday (played the wife card) and so he was happy!


We always joke, but we love to have babies on Fridays. It gives us the weekend to enjoy our time together, and when you don’t have to take PTO…it’s even better! So, all along we were hoping for a Friday baby…


I had a dr. apt on Thursday, appropriately timed for our weekend baby. I had been feeling small contractions Thursday morning and was so excited. I didn’t think they were progressing much, but that didn’t matter. Something was happening and it wasn’t painful.

When I saw the dr. I was hoping he would say, “Yeah, you’re moving right along. Let’s go to L&D and have this baby!” We were packed and ready to go, and Michael’s parents were on their way into town.

Unfortunately, I was still at a 4cm and only 25% effaced. This is baby language for not too far along quite yet. He stripped the membranes and contractions started moving to about 10-15 minutes apart…Still not too painful.

He said we could come in Friday morning at 5am to have a baby. He would break my water and chances are, we’d be good to go.


We came home a little bummed. Michael’s mom was there. The girls were in bed and we just thought we’d be in Friday morning.

Then I started to worry. I was still having contractions…some more painful than others. I kept thinking, what if I am farther along than I think…what if I don’t make it in time, what if I can just go in and see…

So that’s what we did. Showed up around10pm and saw the L&D triage nurse and OB resident on call.

They said I was still a 4, and because I didn’t whine and make a big deal, they weren’t too concerned. I did tell them it’s my third baby and I tend to go fast, but oh well.

They turned off my monitor and let me hang out for an hour to see if anything changes.

They did another exam and still a 4. I felt like my contractions were worse, but they didn’t hook me up or anything…

So they said, “well, we could break your water and  have a baby but why don’t you get some rest and come back at 5.” Ok, great.

Double bummer. We left. Michael bought me a frosty…and we were like, this is lame.


Well, contractions kept coming. We walked in the door around 12am, I got ready for bed and then I died.

Literally, contractions were coming every 5 minutes and lasting for like 2 minutes and SOOO PAINFUL. I was in real labor.

I can’t even tell you. I was crying, moaning, like a little baby…

Michael’s mom  came in and said, “are you ok?” And I was already putting my shoes on to go back to the hospital. This time it was 1:30am.

We didn’t feel stupid this time, we were desperate.


I didn’t have a baby in the car, yay.

Michael dropped me off while he parked and I got off the elevator. With painful contractions, I was taking a second by the elevator and the lady checking me in asked if I was ok.

I was crying…haha…this is the drama scene they have in the movies.

They took me back to see the same nurse and resident and she said, “You’re a 5 and fully effaced. We can admit you.”

OK GREAT!!! geezee….

2 am or so..and guys, she was born at 4:40.

I was experiencing so much pain it was hard for her to find my vein for IV. Hence the two sticks and me being irritated. Oh well. They wheeled me to my room and then my angel nurse from Louisiana took care of me.

She had called the anesthesia guy RIGHT away, so I got my epidural around 3 or so. I had to breathe through the contractions and it was no joke.

I was so happy once my medicine kicked in.


Well, my nurse had to ask questions, get me settled and deal with my increasing contractions. They said they called my dr. and he was on his way…

She didn’t even have time to drain my bladder before the dr. got there. He checked me and what do you know..I’m at a 10 and ready to have  a baby.

He broke my water, I pushed 3 times and had a baby in 10 minutes.

It was a dream. She was perfect, healthy and I DIDN’T GET ANY STITCHES!!!

Her heartbeat was fine, wasn’t under stress and she came out perfect and I was so relieved.


She was born at 4:41am, weighing 7lbs 8oz (about .5lb less than my other girls). She had perfect coloring, and DARK HAIR!

We decided on her name and feel good about it. There’s a song about a river, Sweet Afton and I’ve loved it since high school. Michael’s aunt is named Afton after the river in England and apparently it’s a popular Swedish name as well. Cool she was born on Swedish independence day.

Most of all, she gets to share the name Marie with her sweet Nana and aunt Christina… And her Norwegian grandmother Marit. It’s a special name for centuries, and she is timeless.

We are in love.



I’m so happy. This is such a miracle. I’m so grateful that she took it easy on me, because I feel better than ever. I’ll exchange those crazy contractions for a perfect recovery that’s nothing worse than a period. God’s way of childbirth is a miracle, and throw in a little modern medicine and it’s even better.

The girls love their sister and are big helpers. My mother in law and my mom were here the day I came home, and now my mom gets to stay for a week.

Michael has the best bedside manner, and he is so supportive and loving through this whole process.

I’m one lucky mama!



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5 responses to “Afton

  1. Wow! Sounds crazy and also wonderful! So happy for you Jill! I’ll have to talk to you sometime down the road about your delivery and recovery. I’ve always had epidurals and my recoveries have always been really long and hard. Anyway, so glad she’s here and that you’re doing great! Love you girl!

  2. Hooray for 3rd babies! I loved reading Afton’s birth story. She is so beautiful, just like her momma!
    Sure love you. Pics are darling!

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