It’s amazing how holidays can help you reflect.

I especially love Easter.

I love that it’s always on a Sunday…

I love that it focuses on the Savior

I love that I would usually get to wear a fancy dress and feel extra pretty

I love that I would get to spend the whole day with family

I love that I get to eat chocolate, especially mini cadbury eggs

I love that it’s a time to reflect on Christ’s Atonement

I love that it gives me hope for the resurrection and peace for those who’ve passed on

I love that it’s in the Spring, full of life

I love that it’s a simple day to focus on what really matters… Jesus Christ

Michael and I have had the weekend to ourselves… after a fun visit from my family, it’s been nice to spend some alone time together. Michael’s mom took the girls for the weekend to do some fun Easter things, and we’ve been blessed with a quiet house and some time just the two of us.


IMG_9192On the lake Saturday


We had our stake conference and heard amazing messages. It’s crazy how focused you can be when you’re not distracted by trying to quiet little ones. I felt the Spirit countless times, and feel rejuvenated and happy. Michael reminded me that Easter isn’t about coloring eggs or doing an egg hunt…and he’s so right.

Also, it was fun to look back on old posts about Easter. My girls are growing up fast. When I get sad, I just remember that a new one is on her way… 😉

Can you believe how fast time flies?!

This weekend I’ve come across a lot of uplifting messages about Easter… From friends, family, social media, and everything in between I’ve seen a lot of images of Christ that are really beautiful. This year more than ever, I’ve been able to focus on what really matters.

It’s a great time of rebirth, especially with our “pet” birds nesting near our front door. The constant chirpping reminds me, that I, too, am building a nest.



I wanted to share this collection of Christ with you… because it was too hard to pick a favorite.


http://youtu.be/_S3TI4bYerU #becauseofhim


And for the best videos about Christ ever made, check out bible videos.org. I love the App…I’ve downloaded it and you can sort through the videos chronologically. It’s amazing how powerful it is to see Christ’s life portrayed on film. We went to the “Son of God” movie and felt the same. You can never watch these too many times!
Bible Videos - The Life of Jesus Christ


Happy Easter!

IMG_9220  IMG_9173





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