I’m totally spoiled.

I realized that I have so much to be grateful for.

This past month I’ve been overwhelmed with happiness!

My birthday…

Michael stayed up the night before and put up decorations… I don’t know why, but that meant a lot. Watching him blow up balloons and hang crate paper was adorable. Then, he woke me up with breakfast in bed, and the girls joined in singing Happy Birthday! That day was perfect… my girls helped me make a chocolate cake with my new bundt pan. I took Carmen to school and then painted my nails, and sat on the COUCH! It was great. That night, Michael took me to a nice dinner and then we went to a fun yogurt shop overlooking the river by our house. It was the perfect time of night, and I loved every second of it. He even bought me a new kitchen faucet and installed it himself! It’s something that will make me happy 100x a day!! Both sets of parents SPOILED me! Just a few days later, Michael’s parents came for another celebration with dinner out and more cake! They gave me a new Michael KORS watch and I couldn’t believe I would ever own something so fancy and nice!

My parents came just a week or so later for their Spring Break. My mom, dad, and Jared had a blast hanging out. We had french toast and donuts, went to a family fun center, played mini golf and everything in between. We fit in Taco Bell, soccer games, and a great day at the lake before my dad and brother left! I loved having them around. My mom stayed for a few days after, and boy, was it great! She took care of all my little problems, helped me organize for the new baby, and bought me wayyyy too many things! We made a trip into Dallas for Cheesecake Factory and Sam Moon and family visits, we made cookies on my new Bosch mixer, and she got to read and sing to the girls every night. We ran errands, laughed, and really enjoyed hanging out. I feel so lucky to have such an amazing mom.

Like I said..spoiled!

Who gets all these amazing things, tons of quality time with family, and can go out on the lake multiple times in APRIL!? I love it!





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