“Sometimes the little things last the longest. Give Extra, get extra.”

Every time I watch this commercial I am touched.

You probably thought that a gum commercial can’t move you to tears…

Well, if you think you’re tough…. try it out.

This video is so worth watching, and I had to share it.

To me, it’s more than a gum commercial.

It’s about what’s most important…the little things we do to show love.

This father-daughter relationship is special to me, as I’m raising girls…but it can overflow into any relationship.

I’ve thought a lot about the “special” things that bind people together.

It’s the things that come to mind when you think of that person.

These are lasting connections that are so dear to us.

I’m usually one who likes to mix it up. New restaurants, new vacations, new dinners…

The Intentional Family

Until I read this book. “The Intentional Family.” 

My brother read it for a BYU college course, and I stole it to read.

I was so glad I did. The premise of the book talks about doing INTENTIONAL things to bind your family and marriage together.

All throughout the book it mentions ROUTINE things to do over and over, so your family will reflect fondly on them and they will create these connections.

Just like how the dad always gave his daughter a origami made from the gum wrapper. This is a small, intentional token that meant the world to his daughter.

You think, “Oh, silly…just another one.” Or “Do we really have to eat _____again?” Or “We ALWAYSSSss make cookies on Sundays…” Or anything like that. It’s a ritual.

Sometimes these intentional routines are met with resistance. But hey, what isn’t?!

For example, at first I thought it was a little uneventful when Michael’s mother would open the same gift from her husband… at birthdays, christmas, etc. she always got the same bottle of her favorite perfume.

I thought, well… how exciting is that?? But guess what.

After looking at it another way, I thought, “What would EVER happen if he wasn’t there to give her that perfume?!”

It would be the thing that sticks out most, tugs at our heart strings, and makes us feel that strong emotion that family is all about.

The intentional, repetitive rituals make families work.

I love it. I love having a young family and planning that EVERY ______ we will do ______.

It’s tradition. It’s not the over-bearing Pinteresty, get all hyped up and show off stuff, it’s the small things.

Michael and I are brainstorming some of these for our family, and I thought I’d share with others.

Read the reviews for the book here.

Here’s the book’s premise:

“Today’s family is in crisis. Many diverse factors have combined to weaken its structure in American society: the conflicting needs and schedules of dual working parents; the ongoing fragmentation of our civic, cultural, and religious communities; the prevalence of divorce and remarriage; the advent of technological distractions like video games and computers.

What was once a strong, cohesive unit has become, in many cases, no more than a loose grouping of individuals with individual timetables and agendas. However, now more that ever before, we have the freedom to shape the kind of family we want, rather that an obligation to conform to inflexible concepts of what a family should be.

Nationally respected family therapist William J. Doherty believes that we can strengthen the ties that bind us together-and create new, more permanent ones in the process-through the use of family-specific everyday rituals. 

The Intentional Family — a practical guide to avoiding conflicts and promoting understanding — offers a myriad of simple yet effective methods for opening regular channels of communication between parents and their children, husbands and wives: from shared family meals and vacations, to regular “storytime,” weekly drives, religious services, and monthly “spouse only” romantic dinners.

Clearly presented and engagingly written, here are proven and indispensable strategies for reviving a lost sense of family — useful guidelines that will help us make the most of our most important relationships.”

Happy intentional family to you!

Happy Sunday



3 responses to “Origami

  1. Oh that was so sweet! I love that commercial! And what a great concept — intentional families. Reminds me of two of my favorite bloggers’ motto: “deliberate motherhood” It’s such a powerful concept.

  2. That commercial holds a special place in our intential family because my husband is an origami master. He is always making origami things and he gives plenty to my daughter. It really hits home because she will leave for college in the Fall. It makes me worry that I have not done enough intential things but hopefully I have.

  3. Lydia, I love that.. “deliberate motherhood!”

    Leah, you’re amazing. I’m sure there are plenty of intentional things that you will never realize until the years pass. You’re a great mom, and I can’t imagine how you’re feeling with your little girl almost leaving the nest!

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