What a perfect vacation.


I think if I went on “The Price is Right” and instead of winning the car showcase…

If I won the trip showcase…This would be the trip.

The trip of a lifetime!!!!

No, not to see a bunch of ruins, tourist sites, or some crazy world wonder…

But a trip with my best friend and love of my life!

Stranded on a boat in the middle of the ocean for nearly a week!

No cell service, no worries…kids with Nana and loving every second of it!

We ported at Cozumel and took a scooter down the coast. The wind in my hair…heaven!

We cruised along, soaking it all in until we stopped at a beach restaurant at Punta Sur. This beach was incredible. BLUE water, big waves, and even a place in the rocks where the water shot up. Michael couldn’t get enough of that…haha.

We took our scooter back into town, got stopped by the Mexican police because we are rich and good looking, and then back on the cruise boat!!

Carnival was a great cruise line filled with interesting people, lots of karaoke, and if I held my breath through the casino, we were home free!

The music ranged from relaxing acoustic as we laid out to bumpin’ hip hop on the deck. We showed off some moves, and no one thought this pregnant lady was too crazy.


Other highlights include:

  • Touring Galveston before porting.
  • Eating at the best sandwhich shop, (thanks Ashtons!)
  • Seeing the exact beach where Michael spent LOTS of summers with his family. Pocket beach 3. He was a kid again!
  • Getting “special assistance” when we checked in, so we got Zone 1 boarding and was on the boat in NO TIME!
  • The food.. duh.
  • Michael’s impressive karaoke number. He had the WHOLE place on their feet, black ladies filming him, showing off dance moves, a roar from the crowd, and seriously the best performance of the evening… thanks Usher. People even noticed him throughout the rest of our trip on the elevator…haha. nice. Felt what it’s like to be famous for a day or so.
  • The crazy magic shows. Our mind was BLOWN with some mind-reading…Michael even got summoned on stage.
  • Dressing up for a nice dinner every night.
  • Enjoying conversation, uninterrupted.
  • Seeing the same gross trash and bottles right next to our car where we parked it…still there 6 days later. I was so embarrassed that people would think it was us who set our nasty garbage outside the door.
  • I got called up to do a minute-to-win-it game. I had to clench a coin in my bum and drop it in a front of everyone. ha.
  • Michael had a “no talking about the baby name” rule on the cruise, but on the 4-hour drive home he listened to my thought process behind our top 5… it took awhile, but he heard me out. Then we stopped at Wendy’s and asked the drive through lady what she thought. She leaned over with  her hand on her face like we were BFF’s… haha.. it was hilarious to hear her and the worker behind her and get their opinion. So dramatic and honest, you know.
  • Running into Michael’s good friends from Tyler. They went with a group of 10 couples and they were the life of the party on board. We felt cool because we kind of knew them, and got to tag along and talk to other people every so often. Not to mention their crazy mormon-ness made every game show, match love game, and karaoke song THAT much more entertaining.
  • Mini golf where I made a HUGE deal about Michael getting a hole-in-one, and then I got one, the very next shot! haha. BAM.
  • Shooting baskets together before the ship left Galveston port. Playing a competitive round of HORSE with a pregnant lady and a bum ankle…not bad.
  • Our karaoke DJ was from Jersey and hilarious. I laughed more at him than the comedy shows.
  • Endless soft-serve ice cream and the hot coco… so good.
  • The EA sports lounge. Got to catch some good games, even saw the Daytona 500 live. Oh, and saw a “bar fight” of sorts between a crazy drunk lady and man who asked her to move out of the way of the giant TV. haha.
  • Sleeping in and not having to wake up for anyone!
  • Playing a round of “can you find this person on the boat” people watching game.
  • Completing a cross word puzzle. We both thought you either had to be stranded on a dessert island, over age 40, or really smart…none of which were the case and we rocked it.
  • People complimenting my hat…it was a risky purchase to either look like an old lady or a hot chick from pinterest.
  • Exercising together in the gym every morning overlooking the ocean. Made me feel slightly better about the endless eating.
  • Picking out AUTHENTIC Mexican souvenirs.
  • I know Michael liked the hot tub and steam room…pregnancy has it’s ups and downs 😉
  • The HOT shower with amazing water pressure. I think I could’ve stayed in there all day.
  • The cute animals and room service.
  • Getting stranded an EXTRA FULL DAY AND NIGHT on the boat because of heavy fog in Galveston port… SO NICE.
  • Just being together.. I mean, we were ON VACATION!
  • Coming home to our cute kids, spoiled with love. We didn’t miss them (too much) and so glad they had a perfect time with grandparents.



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