It’s the new year, and who knows why…but I’m all about organizing.

I went through all my drawers, closets, and hidden places in my house and cleaned them out.

The sort of cleaning where you even vacuum under the couch.

Anyway, as part of my goals/OCD/organizing kick this past month, I want to get a grip on my meal planning and food.

Awhile back I did my GROUP A meals and GROUP B meals, with my shopping list and it’s worked well.

What I need NOW is a way to sort and store all my recipes.

My meal plans, my cards, my cookbooks, random papers…

You know, all the yummy cookie recipes I want to try, or all the delicious posts that my amazing friend is starting to document! And this amazing friend, where 12 women in her family all share AMAZING recipes. And my pinterest stuff, and my recipe cards… and that random email my friend sent me….

So what’s a girl to do? Copy them all to my 3×5 cards and stick them in my box that will overflow in 2 seconds? Ahhh… can’t let these good things pass me by. I can’t spend time typing and retyping recipes so they all look the same. I’m OCD but I’m not crazy. “Ain’t nobody’s got time for that!!”

I need something fast, practical, and long-term.

I’m trying hard to step it up in the baking, cooking, the “hey can you bring something to the party” type of food. I will have to cook for the REST of my life.That’s a lot of potlucks, feeding guests, and party trays.

And guess what? It’s primarily my gender role to make dinner for my family, as Michael and I tease about. I’m happy to take on planning food for our family, I just need to find something that works!!!! FOR YEARS!!! FOR REALS!!!

Plus, now I have anxiety, because I’m having 3 girls and I have to teach them how to be a good woman, smart, successful, domestic, oh…and know how to cook!! So yeah…pressure compounds into the future as well. I need to teach my daughters how to cook. What if they look at me someday and say, “mom, can you share with me some of those recipes?” ahhhh!!

Also.. I’m pregnant and I never feel like cooking…

Hard to be motivated to eat healthy, decide what sounds good, etc… the excuses can go on and on.


Soooo…last night I stayed up late in my bed with the glow of my iPad. I only have about 20% battery left, so I knew I didn’t have long.

My goal—figure out how people organize their food/recipes/meal planning.

What did I find…basically two workable solutions:

1. Frilly binders with cool dividers. Plastic sheet covers, and even some that have multiple pockets to store recipe cards.

Pros: hard copy, easy to sort, can hold it in your hand, wipes clean, easy to add magazine clips, etc.

Cons: what to do when you find new electronic recipes? type them up? how big of a binder do I need? What categories? Where do they go? etc.

2. Electronic note keeper, EverNote.

Evernote is basically an e-notebook. You can have as many e-notebooks as you like, for whatever categories you wish.

So some genius people decided to use it for recipe organizing and it’s AWESOME.  Here’s why.

Pros: this thing can do it ALL!!! It’s FREE, clips automatically from the web, sorts into multiple categories, can sort and find recipes in seconds, keeps the original location of the note-like a website or blog, it syncs with iPad or iPhone-so you can find things in the store or kitchen,  you can print it out to a PDF if you ever want, stores images, and that’s just for FOOD…. you can add reminders, and basically create notes for whatever you want! This rocked my world. (I know that was a big jumble…just watch the video)


This lady took time to explain Evernote organizing and made a video so we can all enjoy!

This other lady explained the benefits of Evernote recipes:

1.  Easy Search and Find.  I can search for any ingredient or recipe type just by typing in a single word in the search box.  It will search the text in the recipe as well as all the data I’ve entered about the recipe whether I typed it, scanned it in or copied it from the internet.  Yes, it can even search scanned documents!

2.  Easy Save.  I can “clip” and save a recipe from the internet to Evernote with the click of a button.  It automatically saves it to Evernote, categorizes it, titles it, and scans the recipe word for word without me doing anything else!  That pin button has nothing on my Evernote button.

3.  Automatic Titling.  Just by copy and pasting a recipe into Evernote, clipping it from the web or scanning a magazine recipe via my printer, Evernote automatically recognizes and titles the recipe.  I don’t have to re-type anything.

4.  Original Resource Saved.  If I copy a recipe from the internet it automatically saves the original resource’s web page so that I can go back and view the original on the web or site the source later if I chose to blog about it.

5.  Multiple Folder Option.  I also keep my goals, monthly and weekly task lists on Evernote for easy retrieval.  I can keep these all separated with the creation of separate Evernote folders.

6.  Custom tags.  I have used the tags to sort my recipes by recipe type…aka poultry main dishes, desserts, to try recipes, etc.  If I want to know what recipes I have for cake, all I have to do is click the “cake” tag or type “cake” in the search box and viola, all of my cake recipes are listed in the middle box along with a picture (if included) and a short summary.

7.  I’m synced; it’s green.  This is probably my favorite feature of all and why I continually use Evernote for my recipes.  With the single click of a button or when closing the program, it will automatically sync my recipes on my computer, iPod, iPad, iPhone, and the internet for future retrieval.  It’s great!  Rarely do I ever print out a recipe anymore with this feature.  I just carry my iPad to the kitchen and open up my Evernote Cookbook to begin.  And, if I’m on the go and a friend wants my recipe for homemade dinner rolls, I can easily open Evernote and share it with her before I forget.

Guys! It’s way better than pinterest, 3×5 cards, or even a binder…

I’ll let you know how it goes!!!!!!

I love what this blogger said, “All you need is a computer. & possibly a type A personality.” haha…

Wish me luck!! How do you organize YOUR recipes? Is this the way of the future, or am I way behind?



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