Not Funny


The other day was my post about baby powder... The girls were quiet and then moments later it was a winter wonderland.

Everything was lightly sprinkled with the entire bottle. Hair, clothes, bedding, toys… it was a disaster.

Well it made me laugh. I thought it was funny and they were exploring their world.

Until this happened…


Make-up isn’t funny.


And makeup on my light yellow chair is even less funny.

This time I didn’t laugh.

I took a mom time-out. Sent them both to their rooms and didn’t say anything. Gathered myself….then faced the reality that this just DID happen.

They know they’re not supposed to even touch my makeup, let alone spread it all over their faces and whatnot.

We had a stern talk in the bathroom and then time for cleanup and punishment.

Anyway, we all have bad days. We are all real. Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we lose it, sometimes we just have to take a deep breath and think, it’s going to be ok.

No matter what, it’s all a learning process.

As I type with my Cinderella band-aid (couldn’t find the adult ones) and tuck in my girls at night, I realize that someday I’ll be missing these days.

Even the ones when I want to pull my hair out and cry about my chair.

…and my Mac makeup completely ruined.

It can always be worse, right?!? ah!



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