So, I’ve thought for awhile about some things, and I’ve realized:

  • I like funny people
  • I like it when people point out random things in a picture that no one else would notice
  • I like “situational sarcasm” …I think that’s a thing. If not, I made it up. It’s called not making fun of people but being witty
  • I’m funnier around Michael than anyone else. He thinks I’m too polished around people. He likes it when my “racy” (as racy as I get) side comes out
  • I love people who are funny bloggers. I’ve found a few. I don’t know them well, so it’s a little creepy, but I love them. I secretly want to be them, so as to not freak them out I won’t post any links.
  • I think being funny is a personality trait that I just always assumed I didn’t have. I was never “the funny one,” or even all that crazy or spontaneous.
  • I don’t jump on people, kick up my heels, be overly excited with my body expressions, or really dramatic…all helps with the funny stereotype.
  • Being funny, really funny, is not just a skill but takes wit. Wit takes education and being smart. So being funny is actually a really great thing.
  • Being a mom can make you feel less “funny.” More grown up, paying bills, and worrying about things like a homestead exemption form, or registering for things, or making dinner, or, or or…the list goes on. All these responsibilities can make you less fun, aka funny.
  • Fun and funny are different. I get that. But I want to be a fun person. Not the ditsy, weirdo fun, but just the genuine good-time fun.
  • I have a ton of fun as a mom. I love that I can pretend, sing as loud as I want, car dance, make weird noises, and do whatever I want. I’m trying to be a more fun mom.
  • Kids think the weirdest things are funny. The other day, the girls kept saying “beep-oo” or some other made up word. They died laughing every time they said it. Weird.
  • Nora loves “tickle attacks” or “kiss attacks.” This is funny to her, and she has the best sense of humor. I’m trying to cut loose and do more of those funny things…aka live life.

Most funny of all, was when my girls got a hold of the baby powder.

(I don’t know why I have baby powder around, but maybe I didn’t pack up all those products because baby 3 is coming, and idk…)

Anyway, the whole bottle of baby powder was dumped in the playroom. Lightly sprinkled over toys, bedding…everything.

I had to laugh…or scream, but I chose to laugh.

How hilarious and random?

Things smelt nice and baby fresh, and no real harm done.

This time I got it right. I don’t always, but this time I did.

I laughed. It was funny.

And, one step closer to a fun, funny mom, who will make her home a little happier.







2 responses to “Funny

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  2. I like your “racy” side too. As soon as I read that I realized that’s kind of what’s missing via blog/FB catch up. I miss out on “racy” Jill, the Jill I knew and loved as a roommate ;). Which makes sense, cuz we all know I’m not a polish kind of gal, lol!

    And way to laugh off the baby powder thing! Too funny.

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